Know Your Contract

One of the most powerful things our union does is bargain with the District over everything from wages to workload. By speaking together with a strong, collective voice we're able to maintain our standards, defend our profession, and protect the learning environment for our students. The fruits of our work together are represented in the contracts for professional educators and substitutes.

Current Contract

2019-2020 PAT / PPS CONTRACT



Unassignment and Transfer Information


Revised Educator Handbook for Professional Growth and Evaluation (9/15/18)

PAT Evaluation Timeline-- Updated 7.31.17

Evaluation Rebuttal Template

Probationary Teachers

  • Probationary educators shall be evaluated during each year of their 3-year probationary period based on the PPS Performance Evaluation Rubric. The evaluation process requires a goal setting conference in the fall and allows for informal observations by the evaluator. At least two (2) formal classroom observations are also required each year.

Other Relevant Memoranda of Agreement/Memoranda of Understanding


Contract - Prior Years and Related Materials

2016-2019 PAT / PPS CONTRACT


We have prepared the following worksheets based on grade level, and full or part-time status, to help you ensure your schedule respects your rights under the PAT contract when it comes to duty, planning time, staff meeting time and other workday components. 

If you are a part-time teacher or teacher assigned to more than one building, please note the special provisions pertaining to you referenced in each worksheet. Additional information is provided in FAQ: Part-time Professional Educators and FAQ: Working in More than One Building.