Lets Talk! Combatting Institutional Racism - October 25th

You are invited to "Let's Talk: Combatting Institutional Racism" 

When: Thursday, October 25th, 4:30-6:30
Where: PAT Office: 345 NE 8th Ave 97232

Dinner will be served

Please RSVP

Participants will take part in a discussion about how institutional racism in education impacts youth today. Discuss different strategies for combating levels of racism and begin to embark on a shared understanding so we can co-create racial justice in education. Let’s talk, listen and learn from each other, as we discuss the roles that race plays in the education of our students, our profession and our communities. Facilitated by local leaders and NEA.

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Interested in the OEA Conservative Educators Caucus?

At the 2018 Oregon Education Association (OEA) Representative Assembly the Conservative Educators Caucus met for the first time in many years. The meeting was well-attended and several OEA leaders are interested in continuing the discussion among like-minded teachers.

 Although the group is still in formation, there is a plan to hold regional meetings in the future and set up a more formal structure for membership as part of the NEA-CEC. If you, or any of your colleagues, are interested, please know that there is a political place for you in OEA, that your voice matters, and that you are not alone.

To find our more information, or be added to the Conservative Educators Caucus distribution list, send an email to OregonConservativeEducators@gmail.com.