PAT Executive Board

The PAT Executive Board is comprised of PAT officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary), the OEA directors, and nine directors elected at-large.  Executive Board directors are elected for two-year terms and may be reelected.  Executive Board members establish and maintain contact with their assigned representatives (by zone), provide assistance to representatives upon request and serve as a liaison to committees. The Executive Board meets monthly and members regularly attend Representative Assembly (RA) and other PAT sponsored meetings.



Suzanne Cohen 
Math/Science Teacher 


Elizabeth Thiel
English Teacher, Madison HS


Al Rabchuk    
Math Teacher, Wilson HS 


Alishia Chavez
Special Education Teacher, Atkinson ES


Mike Bauer, 2016-2018
Social Studies, Cleveland HS
Committee Liaison to Advocacy
Liaison to Zone 1 

Christine Emmanuelli, 2017-2019
Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Teacher, Atkinson Elementary
Committee Liaison to Racial Equity
Liaison to Zone 2

Greg Burrill, 2016-2018
Substitute Teacher
Committee Liaison to Substitute
Liaison to Zone 3

Allison Tetrick, 2017-2019
Elementary Teacher, Creative Science K8
Committee Liaison to IPD
Liaison to Zone 4 

Tom Kane, 2016-2018
Language Arts/Social Studies, Alliance HS
Committee Liaison to PAT PAC
Liaison to Zone 5 

Madeleine Allen, 2017-2019
Language Arts/Social Studies, Marysville K-8
Liaison to Zone 6

Rachel Hanes, 2016-2018
Elementary Teacher, Glencoe ES
Committee Liaison to Social Justice Task Force
Liaison to Zone 7 

Ned Hascall, 2017-2019
Middle School Teacher, Metropolitan Learning Center
Committee Liaison to Legislative
Liaison to Zone 8

RaeAnn Thompson, 2017-2018
Health Teacher, Jefferson HS
Committee Liaison to Membership
Liaison to Zone 9


Diana Collins, 2015-2018

Gray Middle School


Al Rabchuk, 2016-2019

Wilson High School


Russ Peterson, 2017-2020

Grant High School