OEA Representative Assembly: April 15-16

This weekend, PAT members will take part in the Oregon Education Association's Representative Assembly. This is our statewide union's highest body, and a key place to make our voice heard on everything from legislative and political issues to professional practice.

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PAT Members Weigh In On Housing and Environmental Issues

PAT Representative Assemblies continue to be a place for lively discussion and debate, where members tackle a wide array of issues affecting our city.

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Shaping ESSA in Oregon

PAT's own Gwen Sullivan has been chosen to represent PAT as part of an Oregon Department of Education workgroup guiding the state's implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act. 

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Internal Transfers: Postings Open April 19th

This is the time of year that eligible PAT members can opt for an internal transfer and some may even face "unassignment". It's important that everyone understands the process.

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Making the Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment

At the 2015 OEA Representative Assembly, delegates voted to inform our members about the arguments for divesting PERS from fossil fuel companies. 

Kudos to PAT Executive Board member Tom Kane for his article in the Winter 2016 issue of the Today's OEA, which spells out the way our retirement funds can be used to slow climate change and spur development of local clean energy solutions

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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

I'm happy to report that, on Friday, the District agreed to remove the "Component 4G" from all educator evaluations

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Understanding Opt Out: New Laws Expand Rights for Parents, Rein in Punitive Measures

For years, PAT members have been sounding the alarm about the negative impact of high-stakes standardized tests. 

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PAT PAC Endorsements

Over the past few weeks, the PAT-PAC interviewed dozens of candidates running for a variety of state and local offices. Through the interview process, it was clear that people across Portland are engaged and active, committed to making our city, and our state, a better place.

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PAT Election Results

The following PAT members were elected to union office during the recently concluded PAT election. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who participated in our democratic process!

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Help Build a Better Oregon

We're over halfway towards our signature-gathering goal for the Better Oregon Campaign. If we are going to get corporations to pay their fair share in taxes, we know Portland is going to have to do lots of the heavy lifting. 

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Welcome to the Substitute

This is the first of quarterly newsletters for you, awesome Substitutes for PPS! My goal is to keep you informed on the various issues that impact substitutes, and provide resources to support and enhance your skills as a Substitute Teacher.

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Making Headway on Assessments

Earlier this month, over a dozen Portland educators and administrators spent two days examining the work of our peers at the New York Performance Standards Consortium.  The results of this work could put PAT and PPS on the cutting edge of developing alternatives to high-stake standardized tests.

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Watch Out for the Wrong Rubric

I got a call from a member last Friday asking me what we could do about her evaluation. She told me that she was marked down in "Domain 4G" of the Rubric. At first I was confused. Our contract clearly states that the Rubric used to do educator evaluations will be developed jointly between PAT and the District. The Rubric cannot be changed unless it's by mutual agreement. I knew our Evaluation Committee has worked hard to develop a fair process, and I knew that the Rubric they developed didn't have a "Domain 4G."

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Initial PAT PAC Endorsements

Last week the PAT-PAC interviewed over 30 candidates running for a variety of state and local offices. We will conduct additional interviews on March 9th. Through the interview process it was clear that people across Portland are engaged and active, committed to making our city, and our state, a better place.

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Take the TELL Survey

This month, the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has once again asked all licensed, school-based educators to participate in the statewide TELL (Teaching, Empowering, Leading, and Learning) Survey. This is your opportunity to weigh in on topics such as the allocation of time, facilities and resources, student learning, community engagement, school leadership, professional development, and mentoring.

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Join ODE's ESSA Committees

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is convening four workgroups to help guide the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act. You can read more about the ODE's plan for implementing ESSA here.

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Member Benefits

There are so many benefits to being an active union member. In addition to the all of the guarantees and protections from our contract, PAT members also have access to substantial discounts on auto and home insurance. There are a number of other services available through the Oregon Education Association and the National Education Association.

Get help supporting students from the OEA Foundation: Members can apply for grants of up to $100 to help their students meet basic, urgent needs so they can attend and succeed in school. Grants may be used for things like eyeglasses, winter coats, dental work, shoes, and many other basic supports for students. Apply for a grant or donate to the foundation by visiting oregoned.org/oea-foundation.

Find professional development opportunities: OEA provides and vets many professional development trainings throughout the year so members can better support students. Topics include licensure, classroom management, career development, and more - including online offerings. Visit oregoned.org/professionaldevelopment to find an opportunity that advances your practice.

Save money with member discounts: Your OEA and NEA membership gains you access to many financial discounts through NEA Member Benefits. From cheap movie tickets and Disneyland passes to credit card offers, discounted hotels and car rentals to personal loan offers, many members find savings that more than equal their yearly annual dues. Visit neamb.com for more.

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Authentic Assessments

I'm excited to report that I'll be leading an important delegation to New York City next week. PAT educators will be joined by PPS Board member Amy Kohnstamm, PPS Superintendent Carole Smith, and several other top PPS administrators, as well as the Director of Assessments for the Oregon Department of Education and OEA President Hanna Vaandering.

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Know Your Contract

  • Notice of Resignation or Retirement
  • Unpaid Leaves of Absence
  • Questions About Dental Coverage?
  • Handling Building Maintenance Issues
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  • Mapping Our Community Connections
  • Take the Tell Survey!
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Why Joining PAT Matters More Than Ever

Remember Wisconsin and the anti-union measures Republican Governor Scott Walker rammed through the state legislature? Last week, the attack on teachers and other public employees escalated to the Supreme Court, with the controversial case, Friedrichs vs. the California Teachers Association.

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