Athletic Grants from OEA and California Casualty

Applications are open for athletic grants from the OEA/NEA, sponsored by California Casualty. Sign up at The deadline for consideration is January 15, 2018, with 2017/2018 recipients announced in April.

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Member-to-Member Specials

Do you have a house you would like to rent?  Furniture you would like to sell? A side job you would like to promote?  Put an advertisement in our new Member Specials page on the PAT website.  Please fill out the form with all the necessary information. We look forward to providing these specials for you. Check back monthly for new specials. This is another benefit of being a PAT member!

Thankful for Solidarity

This week your PAT bargaining team is THANKFUL for all the work you and your colleagues have done to settle our contract. From wearing blue on Tuesdays to attending school board meetings, your collective efforts are having an impact!

Last week we had two days of mediation with the District and it feels like bargaining has finally begun. Although we have had substantive discussions, and were even able to exchange proposals back and forth, no new agreements were reached.

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Bargaining Brief, November 16th

Your PAT bargaining team met with the District until 8:00 PM tonight. 

We spent the bulk of our time reviewing each side’s proposals around workload, workday, and work year. We also touched on several other key issues such as salary, special education supports, and professional development.

Thanks to your organizing efforts, it felt like bargaining finally began today.

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Bargaining Brief, November 15

The two bargaining teams just ended day one of the two-day mediation session, and your Bargaining Team would like to thank all of you who had time to email/tweet/call/Facebook the Superintendent regarding the importance of focusing completely on getting a deal.  Your efforts worked.  Not only did the Superintendent get the message, he even cancelled his plans to leave bargaining in the early afternoon.

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Bargaining Fact Sheet - Special Education

Click here for a PDF

Special Education in a Downward Spiral

For years PPS has been shortchanging special education. Students with some of the greatest needs aren’t getting the services and individualized attention they deserve, and now these problems are rippling across entire buildings.

The District has no plan to stop this downward spiral, and they have refused to consider the various proposals PAT has put forward to stabilize, and potentially reverse, this situation.

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Information for Parent Conferences

Download the Conferences Guidelines Flyer

Below are some general guidelines for parent conferences:

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Bargaining Brief - November 3, 2017

Your bargaining team met with our counterparts from the District for face-to-face mediation yesterday. We were happy to have our new Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero at the table for the first time, in addition to Kylie Rogers, Chief Human Resources Officer. 

At the outset of the meeting, your bargaining chair Steve Lancaster said he expected this meeting to be a breakthrough or a breakdown. By the end of the evening he concluded it was neither.

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What it Will Take to Fix PPS

PAT members delivered a strong message to the School Board last week that the dysfunction in PPS has gone on long enough. BIG THANKS to Sarah BrownGreg Burrill, and Francisca Alvarez for sharing powerful stories of what PPS cuts mean to educators and students. You can watch their comments on the PAT YouTube channel.

In my own testimony, I made it clear that if PPS wants to fix the very real problems in our District, administrators and Board members need to take off their rose-colored glasses and start listening to frontline educators.

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PAT 2018 Election Materials

Are you interested in getting more involved in PAT? 

Nominations will open at the November 1, 2017 PAT Representative Assembly
 (PAT RA) for several elected positions in PAT.  These positions are:  PAT President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, PAT Executive Board Directors (5 positions), and PAT Delegates to the Oregon Education Association and National Education Association Representative Assemblies. 

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Winning Health Insurance Improvements

The PAT has achieved a significant improvement in member health benefits.  On September 28, 2017, PAT signed an agreement that ensured that our insurance plans were fully compliant with all elements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  

That change has added a series of new components to PAT member benefits like preventive care, hearing aid coverage, positive changes in the out of pocket maximum calculations, and improvements in alternative care coverage.

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Help PAT Engage!

PAT is conducting a listening campaign and it’s going great! 

On Friday, October 27th, we were out listening to our colleagues at seven schools: Atkinson, Creston, Duniway, Grout, Lewis, Richmond, and Winterhaven. That brings our total to nine schools, but we’ve got lots of ground to cover.

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Promoting Racial Equity in PPS

The Racial Equity Task Force is hosting a Happy Hour/Social for PAT educators of color on Thursday, December 7th from 4:30-6:30 PM at the PAT office: 345 NE 8th Ave.

The Racial Equity Task Force is working on recommendations to PAT and PPS outlining how to advance racial equity in our schools. In order to better advocate for our members of color, we need to understand what issues you are facing at work. We want to hear from you!

The event is primarily our social, but please RSVP so we can tailor the event to your expectations, and order enough food.   


PERS Bubble and Mid-Year Retirement

We have completed a PERS Bubble Agreement for this school year.  This Agreement allows members to retire and work until the end of the school year while collecting PERS benefits.  Members may start as early as December 1, 2017.  To retire by December 1st, you must submit your intent to retire by November 6th.  Please review the complete PERS Bubble Agreement for more details.  

New Memoranda of Agreement

PAT and the District have finalized three memoranda of Agreement (MOAs).  They can be accessed here:

Host a Guest Teacher for a Day

One of the most important events that PAT hosts is Teacher For a Day. We invite policy makers, community leaders, and other partners to see our classrooms first-hand.   This year, it will take place on Tuesday, December 12th. If you are interested in hosting a guest teacher in your classroom, or if you would like to nominate a colleague as a host, please sign up here or contact Madeleine Allen at

OEA Promising Practice Grants

Do you have a plan that could enhance your classroom skills or boost student achievement? An idea for a site-based professional development activity that could build partnerships? OEA’s Center for Great Public Schools awards Promising Practice Grants to individual PAT members. 

There are four $500 grants available to PAT members.  To apply, please complete the short application form available online

The completed grant application form must be sent to  by December 11th.

Athletic Grants from OEA and California Casualty

Applications are open for OEA/NEA sponsored California Casualty’s Athletics Grant. Sign up at The deadline for consideration is January 15, 2018, with 2017/2018 recipients announced in April.

Grants are typically between $1,000 and $3,000. In recent years, PAT members have obtained grants for much-needed uniforms, shoes and athletic gear at Franklin, Roosevelt, and Pioneer High Schools. 

Now Middle Schools are eligible for grants to fund athletics programs too.

Contact PAT’s California Casualty Representative, Sherry Hanacek, if you have questions: or 971-226-8966.

Social Movement Unionism: Hope in Hard Times

Please join the Critical Educators Collective and Portland Association of Teachers for Social Movement Unionism: Hope in Hard Times, a six session Inquiry to Action Groups (ItAG) where we will meet to learn how other educators have used their unions to become forces for justice, and develop action plans that achieve this vision.  Click here to RSVP! Space is limited: RSVP by November 5th to save your spot.

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Member-to-Member Specials

Do you have a house you would like to rent?  Furniture you would like to sell? A side job you would like to promote?  

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Donate to the Sick Leave Bank

During the 2016-17 school year, PAT members helped 30 colleagues in need thanks to contributions to the PAT Sick Leave Bank.  These colleagues had exhausted their accumulated leave balances, but were unable to work due to extended or recurring personal illness. But thanks to our contributions to the Sick Leave Bank, they were able to avoid the additional hardships of lost salary and lost insurance coverage.

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Bargaining Brief - October 31, 2017

Download a PDF of the Bargaining Brief

Future Mediation Dates

There are several bargaining dates scheduled in November. We have agreed to three mediation dates on November 2nd, 15th, and 16th. In addition, we have scheduled multiple small group meetings between HR representatives and PAT staff to work on the mechanics of the proposals. We should have a good idea by November 17th whether we are making progress towards a settlement.

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Bargaining Fact Sheet - Workload

Download the PDF of the Workload Factsheet

We Need Time!

As professionals, we need time to do our jobs well. Unfortunately, the District’s bargaining proposals shortchange teaching and learning and will only add to our overstretched workload.

We feel the squeeze on many levels.

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