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    Join LERC for the Racial Equity and Union Solidarity Series

    March 10, 5:00–6:15 pm
    #AdultingWhileBlack in America: A Discussion About Identity and Black Survival

    Sarah Kutten, Ed.D, University of Oregon 
    What does it mean to #AdultWhileBlack, and what does this look like in historically white spaces? Together, we’ll look at new research findings and identify avenues to better support the success of Black folks in educational and workplace settings.

    Sign-up for the FREE virtual event here.


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    March 8th: NEA Webinar Opportunity on Hybrid Models

    March 8, 7-8pm ET 

    Hy-What? Teaching & Learning in (all kinds of) Hybrid Models  

    This live panel of NEA teacher-leaders will discuss what works for them virtually, in-person, both at the same time, (a)synchronously, and everything in-between. These PK-13 educators will share strategies and reflect on the challenges and opportunities faced with their varied hybrid models of classroom instruction. 


  • PAT Scholarships for Aspiring Educators of Color

    Recruiting, supporting, and retaining educators of color is crucial, for our students and for our profession. Starting this spring, we are excited to award two scholarships to Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) seeking a rewarding future career in education. 

    • One $6,000 scholarship will be awarded to a Portland Public Schools graduating senior who plans on enrolling in a college or university program to begin their journey towards becoming an educator.
    • One $6,000 scholarship to a Portland Public Schools employee (not PAT eligible) currently enrolled in a university program to become a certified educator.  Any classified or non-represented employees, such as bus drivers, para-educators, community agents, custodians and nutrition services workers are eligible to apply.

    Scholarship applications will be accepted through April 23rd, 2021. Please see the links below to download an application and find instructions to apply.

    PPS High School Senior Scholarship Application

    Please contact [email protected] with questions about the application process. 

    Get the flyer to share with students

    Get the flyer to share with PPS employees

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    Congratulations to Newly Elected PAT Leaders

    Dear PAT Colleagues,

    The ballots have been cast and counted. We are pleased to congratulate the individuals who have been elected to represent PAT members in various positions.

    The new members of your PAT Executive Board, serving a two-year term beginning July 1, 2021, are:

    • Angela Bonilla, Instructional Specialist, Scott Elementary School
    • Tina Lamanna, 2nd Grade Teacher, Markham Elementary School
    • Beyoung Yu, ESL Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary School
    • Shannon Foxley, Counselor, da Vinci Arts Middle School

    These members are elected as your delegates to the July 2-6, 2021 National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly:

    +  Greg Burrill

    +  Shannon Foxley

    +  Elizabeth Mayer

    +  Joanne Shepard

    +  Jacob Jonas-Closs

    +  Vincent Chirimwami

    +  Joe Rowe

    +  David Scholten

    +  Sirenna Palici

    These members will join the group of previously-elected delegates to serve as PAT delegates to the spring 2021, 2022, and 2023 Oregon Education Association (OEA) Representative Assemblies:

    +  Sara Daley

    +  Greg Burrill

    +  Ailien S. Tran

    +  Elizabeth Mayer

    +  Shannon Foxley

    +  Diana Collins

    +  Paula Dennis

    +  Tina Lamanna

    +  Sarah Clark

    +  Mary Watkins

    +  Carolyn Blum

    +  Andre Alberti

    +  Kate Chapman

    +  Adama Goudiaby

    +  Brenda Bokenyi

    +  Barbara Macon

    +  Elin Kordahl

    +  Morgan Whitney

    +  Myndie Good

    +  Meghan Delwisch

    +  Liz Mick

    +  Bryan Fitzwater

    +  Krista Ravengael

    +  Patrick Stoudt

    +  Jennifer Joyalle

    +  Anna York

    +  Margaret Walker-Byrne


    Write-in candidates with two or more votes for NEA RA Delegate and OEA RA Delegate will be contacted by PAT in March. Please contact Nominations & Elections Committee Chair Ailien Tran if you have any questions ([email protected]).

    Thank you to all PAT members who participated in our democratic process by running for office and/or casting a vote in this election!


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    Unassignments and Transfers for School Year 2021-2022

    PAT Colleagues:

    As PPS plans for next school year, changes in enrollment, funding, or programs may result in a reduction of staff in a particular building or program area.  If that occurs, your PAT/PPS contract (Article 18) provides a process for determining which educator(s) will be “unassigned” from their current worksite, as well as procedures for their transfer to another site/program.  

    An unassignment does not mean that the educator loses a job at PPS.  It simply means they will be transferred and assigned to a different position. 

    In general, the least senior educator licensed in the affected subject area will be unassigned.  There are some important exceptions:

    • The administrator must first ask for volunteers. Volunteers will be unassigned and transferred instead if they are appropriately licensed in the affected grade level or subject matter area (and are not on a Program of Assistance).
    • The administrator may request an exception to retain educators of color to maintain a racial balance of educators to students at the site.
    • The administrator may request an exception to maintain a gender balance of educators at the site.
    • The administrator may request an exception to retain an educator with bilingual or multilingual ability relevant to the assignment.

    Unassigned educators are eligible to apply for vacant positions during the internal transfer process.  All unassigned educators in a subject area must be assigned before PPS may consider any outside applicants.

    Find more information here: FAQ: Unassignments and Transfers, FAQ: Applying for Positions 

    Here is the timeline:

    • PPS Informational Meeting for Unassigned Educators (details to follow) - March 18 & March 19, 4:30-6:00 p.m.
    • Internal Phase Vacancies Posted - Apply Now - March 29 - April 2
    • Interviews - April 5 - 7
    • Remaining Unassigned Educators Notified of Assignments - Mid-April
    • External Phase Opens – April 20

    Find more information on our Know Your Contract page.


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    What is Limited In-Person Instruction?

    Many of you have noticed the tension that has developed between the understandable desire to have children return to school, and the sensible insistence on safe working environments under COVID-19 conditions. 

    Since the beginning of the pandemic, health experts have advised that individuals avoid the “Three Cs” – Close Contact, Closed Spaces, Crowds. Thankfully, there is a way that some in-person instruction can still take place while meeting health and safety guidelines; ODE calls it LIPI (Limited In-Person Instruction).

    According to the Oregon Department of Education, LIPI is when schools operating in the Comprehensive Distance Learning instructional model bring a limited number of students, for limited hours and with specific conditions, on-site. 

    Per ODE Guidelines:

    • LIPI cohort groups are limited to no more than 20 students.
    • Students cannot be part of more than two cohorts (including transportation) in any given week. 
    • Any one staff member (even in multiple roles) cannot interact with more than three cohorts in a given day and five in a week. 
    • LIPI cannot take the place of any CDL instruction. 

    You can read the full Guidance for Limited In-Person Instruction During CDL HERE

    Your PAT bargaining team has worked over the last three sessions to negotiate the fine points of LIPI activities in PPS. Key to our conversation:

    • LIPI instruction will be provided by educators on a voluntary basis. If the District cannot find a volunteer from the regularly employed PAT membership, PPS will open the positions to PAT substitute educators. 
    • Volunteers who agree to provide LIPI during teacher-directed time in their regular schedule will be paid at their individual per-diem hourly rate for all lost teacher-directed time, plus for an additional hour per week for time spent planning LIPI sections.
    • Educators who volunteer can rescind their volunteer offer if they do not feel safe once they inspect the space provided for LIPI.

    We reached conceptual agreement on all points last week and you can look for the final copy of the language attached to the next Bargaining Brief.

  • PAT Committees

    Join a PAT Committee!

    PAT is known around the state and country for being a strong and powerful union.  Part of what makes this possible is the strength of our committees within the union.  Our committees give members a way to be involved based on their own interests.  Most of our committees are open to all members. We want you to get involved.  Your voice will make a difference. 

    RSVP for any PAT Committee Meeting here. 

    Those who RSVP will be sent a Zoom Link.

    Most Committees meet about once a month in the evening.  Committee meeting dates and start times are available on our calendarCommittees with an * are open committees, and all PAT Members are welcome to attend. 

    Chair:  Charity Powell, Laurelhurst ES

    Board Liaison:  Mike Bauer
    Staff Liaison:  Cynthia Campos
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30:September 23, October 21, December 2, January  20, February 17, March 17, April 21, May 26




    A little bit about Advocacy Committee

     Charity Powell

    Chair:  Steve Lancaster, Lincoln HS
    Staff Liaison:  John Berkey



    A little bit about Bargaining Committee

     Steve Lancaster

    Chair: Alisha Chavez, Atkinson ES
    Board Liaison: Adolfo Garza-Cano
    Staff Liaison:  Peter Brogan
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30: September 30, October 28, December 9, January 27, February 24, March 31, April 28


    A little bit about Social Justice Committee

     Alisha Chavez

    Co-Chair: Jacque Dixon, DART @ Benson
    Co-Chair: Nedra Miller, Lee ES
    Board Liaison: Jacque Dixon
    Staff Liaison:  Cynthia Campos
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30: September 30, October 28, December 9, January 27, February 24, March 31, April 28

    little bit about Racial Equity Committee

    Jacque Dixon

     Nedra Miller

    Chair: Elizabeth Israel Davis, Grout ES
    Board Liaison:  Rachel Hanes
    Staff Liaison:  Peter Brogan
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30: September 23, October 21, December 2, January  20, February 17, March 17, April 21, May 26



    A little bit about IPD Committee

     Elizabeth Israel-Davis

    Chair:  Ami Fox

    Board Liaison:  Tina Lamanna
    Staff Liaison:  John Berkey
    2020-2021 meeting dates:

    Thursdays, 5:00-7:00: September 3, October 1, October 29, December 10, January 21, February 25, April 1, May 6

    little bit about Legislative Committee

     Ami Fox

    PAT PAC 
    Chair:  Rebecca Levison

    Board Liaison:  Erika Schneider, Llewellyn ES
    Staff Liaison:  John Berkey 


    Chair:  Julie Pedersen, Jason Lee K-8

    Board Liaison:  Vincent Chirimwami, Faubion K-8
    Staff Liaison:  Peter Brogan

    2020-2021 meeting dates:

    Thursdays, 4:00-6:00: September 3, October 1, October 29, December 10, January 21, February 25, April 1, May 6



     Julie Pederson

    Chair:  Ailien Tran, Winterhaven K-8

    Staff Liaison: Cynthia Campos 


    A little bit about Nominations & Elections Committee

     Ailien Tran

    Co-Chair:  Judith Kleinstein
    Co-Chair:  Dustin Starke
    Board Liaison: Greg Burrill
    Staff Liaison:  John Berkey
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30: September 23, October 21, December 2, January  20, February 17, March 17, April 21, May 26

    A little bit about Substitute Committee

     Judith Kleinstein

     Dustin Starke


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