11/12 Bargaining Update

Both teams met to exchange Mediation Supposal Packages at 10:30 this morning.  At the urging of our mediator, we spent much of yesterday preparing a comprehensive package that narrowed the scope of our proposals to focus squarely on the issues of highest importance, while attempting to address the interests of management that we could agree with.  Management’s team was tasked to do the same.  Based on the proposal we received from them this morning, it would seem that management is completely unwilling to meet the needs of educators and students.  What was offered is at best tokenism and at worst out-right insulting. 

In order to make sure that members and the public know about the key differences in our bargaining packages, we created a side by side document.  Please click here for a side-by-side comparison of PPS district management and PAT’s most recent packages along with the consequences for both students and educators if we accepted the current district package as is.  

We believe you and the community expect PPS management to do better.  As professional educators, we will continue to hold the line until we achieve justice for ourselves and our students.  After bargaining every day since November 3rd, your bargaining team will attend pickets and rallies tomorrow to connect with members. We are scheduled to continue bargaining on Tuesday, but are always on standby and available to meet at any time during this process.

Side-by-Side Bargaining Proposal ➤