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We are coming together to demand the great public schools our future demands.

Portland teachers went on strike for our students after months of negotiations with Portland Public Schools. The district failed to deliver a contract that makes needed investments in our students, our educators, and our community. 

On November 16, the PAT Team announced a tentative agreement with Portland Public Schools—with historic gains for educators and families. Together, we stood together for the schools that Portland deserves. 

Thousands of us rallied and marched for 15 days. We won. 

This is contract is a watershed moment for Portland students, families, and educators. Educators have secured improvements on all our key issues. These changes will make a huge difference on priorities like mental health supports for students, educator workload relief, and safe and welcoming school environments. Educators walked picket lines alongside families, students, and allies - and because of that, our schools are getting the added investment they need.

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Why we voted to strike.

The Portland Association of Teachers bargaining team has negotiated for months in an attempt to reach an agreement, but PPS continues to ignore the voices within our community and invest in our schools in a way that will improve outcomes for our students and make important changes in the lives of our educators.

Our students deserve more one-on-one attention from dedicated and well-qualified educators. They deserve modern classrooms and culturally relevant curriculum that prepares them for our increasingly diverse and interdependent world. They deserve small class sizes and meaningful instruction and assessment. 

We are seizing this opportunity to build the learning environments all of our families need, to create safe and modern classrooms that provide the one-on-one attention our students deserve, and to respect educators with competitive wages and benefits. 

What we are asking for:

  • Wrap-around services for students: From extending high-quality early learning to every 3-year-old to ensuring transparency for and accountability to students and families receiving special education services, students across grades and abilities must have their needs and interests addressed.  
  • Schools that are safe, well-maintained, and fully staffed: We deserve to learn and work in buildings that are clean, comfortable, and secure. Students also deserve to attend schools that have enough staff to provide small class sizes, meaningful instruction and assessment, and professional care for those struggling and who just need support.
  • The resources Portland educators need: Portland’s students need educators who have time for planning and preparation. Educators deserve professional development that is led by educators that addresses critical topics like racial equity and implicit bias. Educators deserve salaries and benefits that mean they can afford to live in the neighborhoods where they and their students live. 

We will continue to fight until the district agrees to a contract that secures this vision for Portland schools, students, and educators. 

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Our Bargaining Vision

Over the past several months, thousands of teachers, parents, and Portland residents have shared their vision for great public schools with our union. Together with our community partners, we will be fighting for this vision in our upcoming contract negotiations. Join the over 7,000 members of our Portland community who signed our petition.

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What solidarity looks like.

We are coming together as educators and parents to demand the great public schools our future demands.

Add your support by signing our solidarity form. Sign up and we can send you text and email updates.

Our students deserve more one-on-one attention from dedicated and well-qualified educators. They deserve modern classrooms and culturally relevant curriculum that prepares them for our increasingly diverse and interdependent world. 

This is the vision for our schools that Portland teachers are working to win through our contract negotiations. 

People power = union power. Show your community where you stand by purchasing some PAT-branded clothing from our new store 

Thank you for your support. Together we will win a contract that provides livable wages, sustainable caseloads, safe working conditions, support for all students regardless of need, and ensures we are treated like the trained professionals we are. 

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Respecting The Picket Line

You can support our efforts to secure a fair contract that provides the safe and modern classrooms and one-on-one attention Portland students deserve.

The best way to support Portland educators and our school community while we’re on strike is to join us on the picket line. 

This can be physically on the picket line, outside of the school your children attend or it could be at a rally. 

We will be picketing at all locations in the District where bargaining unit members work, every day from 7:45 AM - 10:30 AM. We will also be hosting daily rallies from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM during the strike. 

Pledge your solidarity by filling out this form. We’ll keep you updated with alerts and actions you can take.

If we do strike, we’ll ask that supporters honor our picket lines and do not cross. Crossing a picket line undermines the collective endeavors of our community and prolongs the duration of any strike.

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Strike Fund

Your donations will go to strike support including supplies, food, water, logistics, and community support. Any funds remaining will be donated back to community resiliency funds and local mutual aid networks.

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PPS Parent Letter of Support

Thousands of PPS Parents have signed on to this letter to support teachers and our demands for the schools Portland families deserve.

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