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    Culturally Responsive Wellness Supports for BIPOC Staff

    Good Afternoon Comrades, 

    I hope that you are well and ready to begin this much needed summer break! Thank you for all of your hard work and service to our students. I understand from personal experience and countless stories that BIPOC colleagues district-wide have shared with me how challenging it can be to find a BIPOC therapist in Portland. These look like some pretty awesome offerings from PPS for BIPOC high-school staff that we want to pass on. I hope that you are able to relax and recharge this summer and take advantage of these benefits if you think they may be helpful. Take care and please feel free to forward this message to any colleagues you think may benefit from these offerings. 

    Keep raising hope,

    Jacque Dixon & Nedra Miller

    PAT Racial Equity Committee Chairs

    Culturally Responsive Wellness Supports for BIPOC HS Staff

    Note: These supports are available to high school staff only in accordance with the spending guidelines of Measure 98.

    Dear Staff,

    High School Success/ Measure 98 recognizes that a commitment to racial equity and social justice is also a commitment to supporting the mental health and well being of our staff of Color.  We also recognize that historical and ongoing trauma disproportionately impacts people of Color in our district and our society as a whole. Additionally, there are many barriers to accessing high quality mental health care for those who choose to seek it, including prohibitive cost and the availability of culturally responsive providers.

    In partnership with our Student Success and Health colleagues, we are organizing to offer the following free supports over the summer:

    • Up to 10 free sessions with a BIPOC therapist from Raising An Alternative Perspective. Slots are limited and will be available on a first come first served basis. We will do our best to serve as many interested staff as possible.
    • Attend a facilitated wellness space for Black and/or non Black people of Color. The trained facilitators are people of Color.

    We recognize that these offerings are limited and will not meet everyone’s needs, but believe that they may be helpful for some and would love to get feedback on what other supports the district could provide.

    If you are interested in the above services and/or have feedback please complete this interest form

    Participation will be confidential. Only a few staff supporting coordination of services will know of your participation. These services, which are being coordinated by staff of Color, are being offered in recognition of the exhaustion, burnout, and harm that educators of Color encounter both in and out of the workplace. We are hopeful that this benefit can make a positive difference for all who are able to use it.     




    Ari Yoo Kilsang Alberg

    Director, High School Success

    Office of Teaching & Learning

    Portland Public Schools

    Cell: 503.568.2640

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    June 24th, Meet and Greet with Incoming OEA President and Vice President

    You are invited to a Zoom meet and greet with OEA president-elect Reed Scott-Schwalbach and OEA vice president-elect Enrique Farrera.

    Join members from the Portland and Mt Hood UniServ areas to meet with Reed and Enrique between 5:00 - 6:00 PM for conversation, raffle prizes, and more.  Can’t make it?  See the OEA website “Events” for other dates.

    When: Thursday June 24, 2021 5:00 – 6:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

    Please register in advance:


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    Join PMAE-Retired Today

    Congratulations on your retirement! With the annual PAT Retirement Reception canceled again due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will miss seeing you. Nonetheless, we hope you will join Portland Metro Area Educators-Retired to maintain your connection with your union and other colleagues for an Active Voice. Active Life.

    PMAE-Retired maintains an active social presence with hoped-for, once-a-month activities to resume in the Portland metro area, such as visiting museums, manufacturing businesses, outdoor reserves, and other places of interest. We also hold a breakfast every other month—online this past year—at various restaurants around the metro area. We hold membership meetings (again online this past year) every two months with business items, with updates on legislative and political activities and speakers on various topics of interest to retirees. You will receive our electronic newsletter, OurTimes, five times a year. Furthermore, your unified membership will keep your OEA and NEA benefits coming.

    To join us, please complete our Membership form and return. Please also visit OEA-Retired's website to join OEA-Retired and NEA-Retired. There are three membership options to consider, with dues of only $10 to PMAE-Retired for each category:

    • Lifetime—if you have paid for Lifetime with both OEA-Retired and NEA-Retired.
    • Annual—$25 for OEA-Retired and $35 for NEA-Retired, combined.
    • Substitute—as you will continue as an OEA and NEA member.

    As an added enticement, PAT has agreed again to pay the $10 fee for one year, if you join now.

    By mailing in your completed Membership form by July 30, your name also will be entered into a drawing for a $40 gift card.

    We hope to hear from you soon!

    Marleen Wallingford
    PMAE-Retired President 

    Ray Johnson
    PMAE-Retired Vice President and Membership chair


    Portland Association of Teachers

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    Apply Today to be an OEA Ed Summer Statewide Member Organizer

    OEA is participating in Ed Summer, an NEA supported campaign, to reach potential members over the summer months.  

    OEA is looking to hire 25 of the strongest applicants to do this work. Please see the Job Description for Statewide Member Organizers and apply today. Please contact Sara Whelan at [email protected] with other questions.

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    Register Today for OEA Summer Conference

    OEA 2021 Summer Conference Register Today

    July 19-23, 2021
    Virtual Conference through OEA Events App

    The OEA 2021 Summer Conference is virtual this year and offers a wealth of workshops and seminars covering topics important to our members in their classrooms, community, and union organizing. 

    Each morning will start with two content sessions, with opportunities for networking and office hours in the afternoons. OEA values your time, and encourages you to register for the courses that best meet your learning needs and your personal schedule. Below is a sampling of the topics covered that week (some sessions offer PDU credit).

    • Building Our Local Leaders: Distributive
      Leadership in Action
    • Confronting White Nationalism in Schools
    • Engaging Our Newest Hires: Success from
      the Field
    • Integrating an Inclusive History and Social
      Science Curriculum in Your K-2 Classroom
    • Introduction to Grievances: Grieve, Gripe,
    • Peer Conflict Resolution and Mediation
    • School and College Board Elections
    • Strong Start for the Fall: Building Community
    • The Role of a Building Representative in an
      Organizing Union
    • Transgender Inclusion
    • Weighted Workload: A Student-Centered

    Download the program for the whole schedule and topics lined up for that week. A condensed participant agenda is also available. 

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    April 8th Retirement Seminar for PAT Members

    *After Event Edit* For those unable to attend, this seminar is now available on our YouTube Channel.

    Are you a mid-career educator looking to check-in and get more information on retirement planning? As a benefit to our active members, Portland Association of Teachers is excited to host another Financial Planning Seminar. 

    Please RSVP here if you plan to attend. Meeting links will be sent early next week. Please contact us at [email protected] with questions on this and other events.

    We hope to see you there.



    Portland Association of Teachers

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    Congratulations to Newly Elected PAT Leaders

    Dear PAT Colleagues,

    The ballots have been cast and counted. We are pleased to congratulate the individuals who have been elected to represent PAT members in various positions.

    The new members of your PAT Executive Board, serving a two-year term beginning July 1, 2021, are:

    • Angela Bonilla, Instructional Specialist, Scott Elementary School
    • Tina Lamanna, 2nd Grade Teacher, Markham Elementary School
    • Beyoung Yu, ESL Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary School
    • Shannon Foxley, Counselor, da Vinci Arts Middle School

    These members are elected as your delegates to the July 2-6, 2021 National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly:

    +  Greg Burrill

    +  Shannon Foxley

    +  Elizabeth Mayer

    +  Joanne Shepard

    +  Jacob Jonas-Closs

    +  Vincent Chirimwami

    +  Joe Rowe

    +  David Scholten

    +  Sirenna Palici

    These members will join the group of previously-elected delegates to serve as PAT delegates to the spring 2021, 2022, and 2023 Oregon Education Association (OEA) Representative Assemblies:

    +  Sara Daley

    +  Greg Burrill

    +  Ailien S. Tran

    +  Elizabeth Mayer

    +  Shannon Foxley

    +  Diana Collins

    +  Paula Dennis

    +  Tina Lamanna

    +  Sarah Clark

    +  Mary Watkins

    +  Carolyn Blum

    +  Andre Alberti

    +  Kate Chapman

    +  Adama Goudiaby

    +  Brenda Bokenyi

    +  Barbara Macon

    +  Elin Kordahl

    +  Morgan Whitney

    +  Myndie Good

    +  Meghan Delwisch

    +  Liz Mick

    +  Bryan Fitzwater

    +  Krista Ravengael

    +  Patrick Stoudt

    +  Jennifer Joyalle

    +  Anna York

    +  Margaret Walker-Byrne


    Write-in candidates with two or more votes for NEA RA Delegate and OEA RA Delegate will be contacted by PAT in March. Please contact Nominations & Elections Committee Chair Ailien Tran if you have any questions ([email protected]).

    Thank you to all PAT members who participated in our democratic process by running for office and/or casting a vote in this election!


  • PAT Committees

    Join a PAT Committee!

    PAT is known around the state and country for being a strong and powerful union.  Part of what makes this possible is the strength of our committees within the union.  Our committees give members a way to be involved based on their own interests.  Most of our committees are open to all members. We want you to get involved.  Your voice will make a difference. 

    RSVP for any PAT Committee Meeting here. 

    Those who RSVP will be sent a Zoom Link.

    Most Committees meet about once a month in the evening.  Committee meeting dates and start times are available on our calendarCommittees with an * are open committees, and all PAT Members are welcome to attend. 

    Chair:  Charity Powell, Laurelhurst ES

    Board Liaison:  Mike Bauer
    Staff Liaison:  Cynthia Campos
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30:September 23, October 21, December 2, January  20, February 17, March 17, April 21, May 26




    A little bit about Advocacy Committee

     Charity Powell

    Chair:  Steve Lancaster, Lincoln HS
    Staff Liaison:  John Berkey



    A little bit about Bargaining Committee

     Steve Lancaster

    Chair: Alisha Chavez, Atkinson ES
    Board Liaison: Adolfo Garza-Cano
    Staff Liaison:  Peter Brogan
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30: September 30, October 28, December 9, January 27, February 24, March 31, April 28, June 2


    A little bit about Social Justice Committee

     Alisha Chavez

    Co-Chair: Jacque Dixon, DART @ Benson
    Co-Chair: Nedra Miller, Lee ES
    Board Liaison: Jacque Dixon
    Staff Liaison:  Cynthia Campos
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30: September 30, October 28, December 9, January 27, February 24, March 31, April 28, June 2

    little bit about Racial Equity Committee

    Jacque Dixon

     Nedra Miller

    Chair: Elizabeth Israel Davis, Grout ES
    Board Liaison:  Rachel Hanes
    Staff Liaison:  Peter Brogan
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30: September 23, October 21, December 2, January  20, February 17, March 17, April 21, May 26



    A little bit about IPD Committee

     Elizabeth Israel-Davis

    Chair:  Ami Fox

    Board Liaison:  Tina Lamanna
    Staff Liaison:  John Berkey
    2020-2021 meeting dates:

    Thursdays, 5:00-7:00: September 3, October 1, October 29, December 10, January 21, February 25, April 1, May 6

    little bit about Legislative Committee

     Ami Fox

    PAT PAC 
    Chair:  Rebecca Levison

    Board Liaison:  Erika Schneider, Llewellyn ES
    Staff Liaison:  John Berkey 


    Chair:  Julie Pedersen, Jason Lee K-8

    Board Liaison:  Vincent Chirimwami, Faubion K-8
    Staff Liaison:  Peter Brogan

    2020-2021 meeting dates:

    Thursdays, 4:00-6:00: September 3, October 1, October 29, December 10, January 21, February 25, April 1, May 6



     Julie Pederson

    Chair:  Ailien Tran, Winterhaven K-8

    Staff Liaison: Cynthia Campos 


    A little bit about Nominations & Elections Committee

     Ailien Tran

    Co-Chair:  Judith Kleinstein
    Co-Chair:  Dustin Starke
    Board Liaison: Greg Burrill
    Staff Liaison:  John Berkey
    2020-2021 meeting dates: 

    Wednesdays, 4:30-6:30: September 23, October 21, December 2, January  20, February 17, March 17, April 21, May 26

    A little bit about Substitute Committee

     Judith Kleinstein

     Dustin Starke


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