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    Family Conferences are one of the many tools we have to boost student success. It’s a chance for us to talk to families holistically about their child—including their curiosity, love of learning, and critical thinking skills.

    These two days are long and exhausting, but they’re also filled with meaningful conversations, personal connections, and other opportunities to build community.

    This year, conferences are scheduled right before Thanksgiving. Some families may not be able to attend due to travel. Our Superintendent made it clear that make-up conferences do not need to be scheduled when families can’t attend because of travel. Instead, they may want to schedule a video-conference, phone call, or email contact during the time period designated for conferences.

    As educators, we try to be flexible, doing whatever it takes to meet with families, especially those whose work schedules or other obligations make it hard to meet during the designated conference time. Just remember, we don’t need to schedule make-up conferences because families are on vacation. You deserve to enjoy your holidays just as much as your students and their families.

    Evening conferences shall last no longer than three (3) hours and conclude by 8:30pm. A duty-free lunch of at least thirty (30) continuous minutes and a dinner break of at least sixty (60) consecutive minutes shall be scheduled prior to evening conferences. (Article 6.7.2 and 7.7).

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    Run for a PAT Elected Position! (Eboard, OEA RA, & NEA RA)

    Run for a PAT Elected Position! (Eboard, OEA RA, & NEA RA) 

    PAT’s General Election is now open. The positions open for nominations include: 

    Nominations CLOSE at 7:00pm on Wednesday, December 14, at the December Rep Assembly.

    How to Nominate Yourself for a Position:

    Learn more about the responsibilities of these positions here: Executive Board Director, Delegates to the OEA RA, Delegates to the NEA RA

    PAT is a democratic organization, and our leaders are elected by you and all our members. Any PAT member in good standing may run for elected position. (But you can become a member HERE in order to run, and to vote, in the election.)

    For more information, you can refer to the Nomination Letter to All Members and the PAT Nominations and Elections Handbook.

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    Upcoming Events

    • Community Listening Session: December 13th, 6:00pm-7:00pm, Tubman MS, RSVP here

    • Next PPS School Board meeting: December 13th, 6:00pm, MPEC

    • Next RA: December 14th, 4:30-6:30 PM, PAT Office

    PAT Committees @ PAT Office

    • Advocacy Committee: January 4th, 4:30-6:30 PM 

    • Membership Committee: January 4th, 4:30-6:30 PM 

    • Internal Organizing: January 5th, 4:30-6:30 PM 

    • Legislative Committee: January 11th, 4:30-6:30 PM

    • PAT PAC: January 11th, 4:30-6:30 PM

    • IPD Committee: January 11th, 4:30-6:30 PM

    • External Organizing: January 12th, 4:30-6:30 PM 

    OEA Events

    1-1 Licensure Consultation - 15 minutes each, Multiple dates available, often every other Wednesday, 4:00 PM

    Introduction to Restorative Practices Continuum - Webinar, Thursday, December 1st from 4:00-5:00 PM

    For all upcoming events, please see the PAT calendar and OEA calendar.

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    Become a Substitute Rep!

    Elections for PAT Substitute Representatives for the 2022-2023 school year are here!

    Please submit your name HERE by Monday, October the 24 if you are interested in serving as a Substitute Representative and attending our monthly Rep Assemblies on behalf of your fellow members.

    Any Substitute Teacher who is a PAT member may nominate themselves for election as a PAT Substitute Representative.

    PAT Representatives are the heart of the union. In addition to participating in the monthly PAT Representative Assemblies (RA's), Substitute Representatives take the lead in organizing and advocating for the Substitute members of PAT. This means Reps help to recruit newly hired substitutes into PAT, work to bring members together to discuss how best to organize and advocate around issues that matter to Substitutes, and work with PAT staff to support and represent the concerns and interests of Substitute members.  

    According to the PAT Bylaws: “One representative may be elected for each nine (9) full-time equivalent members or major fraction thereof, as of January 15, per site or group."

    Around October 25th, we will send out the Substitute Rep Election ballot to all Substitute Members to vote.

    Please click here to see the Substitute Representative roles outlined.

    *In order to be a Substitute Rep, and in order to vote for Substitute Reps, you must be a PAT Member. If you are not a member yet, but would like to join so you can run and/or vote, please contact [email protected] ASAP.

    Thank you for your time and interest!

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    Tuesday Blue-sday

    Don’t forget to wear blue on Tuesdays! It doesn’t have to be a PAT blue shirt: You can rock a blue scarf, a blue pin, a blue sticker, a blue sweater or anything else you can imagine. But why, maestra? What’s the point? Well, the Tuesday Blue-sday tradition helps us show each other our union solidarity and reminds PPS leaders that our power is in our numbers and unity. Remember, campaigns are not built on one action but many escalating actions. This is just the beginning!

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    Substitute Educators: Opportunities to Engage with Your Union

    Substitute PAT members have the opportunity to shape our union and participate with other substitute and full time educators to organize inside our union and in our communities for quality public schools for all.

    Not a member of PAT? Click HERE to Join PAT now!

    Take a look at the Contract to become familiar with your rights. 


    • Next Substitute Committee Meeting: Monday, 10/17 from 4:30-6:30 PM at the PAT Headquarters (345 NE 8th Ave). Come eat, drink, and chat with substitutes and get involved in making our union strong! Here’s the agenda for the next meeting.
    • The district will be offering another paid professional training day on "Building Your Guest Teacher Toolkit" on Friday 10/14 for substitute educators. If you didn’t attend the last one, you can register through Pepper here.
    • Earn an additional $50 per day/ $35 half-day incentive pay if you work at one of the following schools:
    • SE: Grout, Harrison Park, Kelly, Kellogg, Lane, Lent, Sellwood
    • NE: Beaumont, Faubion, Rigler, Roseway Heights, Sabin, Scott, Vernon
    • N: Beach, Cesar Chavez, Chief Joseph, George, Harriet Tubman, James John, Jefferson, Ockley Green, Rosa Parks, Roosevelt, Sitton, 
    • If you are applying to renew a teaching license from  01/01/2022 through 12/31/2023, educators are not required to report Professional Development Units (PDUs) to TSPC to renew or reinstate a license. For more information on this waiver, click here.
    • Did you know you get a sick day as a substitute for every 17.7 days you work? If you need to take a sick day, whether or not you had to cancel a job on Absence Management, fill out this form.


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    Social Justice and Community Outreach Committee

    SEPTEMBER 15th-OCTOBER 19th.

    PAT Latinx Heritage Month resource materials are beginning to be renamed Latine Heritage Month. “Latine (pronounced la·ˈ​ti·​ne) is a gender-neutral form of the word Latino, created by LGBTQIA+, gender non-binary, and feminist communities in Spanish speaking countries. The objective of the term Latine is to remove gender from the Spanish word Latino, by replacing it with the gender-neutral Spanish letter E. This idea is native to the Spanish language and can be seen in many gender-neutral words like “estudiante”. – callmelatine.com 

    There are many ways for people to name their racial, cultural, and ethnic identities. We also know that language evolves and as invested members of mutually sustaining communities, we need to listen to members of our community and recognize there will alway be multiple points of view. Here are some more resources if you are interested in additional thoughts about the terms Latine and Latinx, but more importantly, we encourage you to listen to those within your own community and follow their lead.

    Why People Are Using the Term ‘Latinx’

    What’s the Deal with Latinx? 

    The X in Latinx is a Wound, not a Trend   

    Call Me Latine    

    From Hispanic to Latine

    Heritage/Affinity Month Release Planning Day

    Do you identify as Hispanic, Latine, Latino, Indigenous, Native American, or Filipino? Do you have a personal connection with folx with disabilities? On Friday, October 7th we will refine, revisit, and reimagine our current PAT resources for Latine Heritage Month and Indigenous/Native American Heritage Month. We will also begin to put together resources for Filipino Heritage Month and International Day of Persons with Disabilities. People who do not share an identity with these groups but have the desire to support and augment the work are also needed and invited. Indicate your interest HERE (space is limited, but we will contact everyone who signs up) and be entered to win a gift card to Third Eye Books! PAT will pay your substitute leave and will provide lunch at the PAT office.


    Click the link to learn about the PAT Flying Squad and what it has to do with union solidarity! See below for an example of union solidarity


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    Apply to Join the 2022-23 PAT Advocacy Cadre!

    PAT is seeking members to serve on next year’s  Advocacy Cadre. To apply, fill out this application form by June 27th. 

    What is The PAT Advocacy Cadre? 

    This small group of members will work closely with UniServ to become experts on our contract, and will provide member to member support.

    The Advocacy Cadre will run a Zoom Advocacy Hotline, where Reps and other members can get immediate answers to questions about the contract and support to resolve problems in their buildings. 

    In addition, the Advocacy Cadre will provide support with Rep Training, answering member emails to [email protected],org, and creating materials to help members better understand contract issues.

    You can read about this year's Advocacy Cadre here: www.pdxteachers.org/pat_advocacy_cadre

    Cadre Members Commit to:

    • 2 days Advocacy Training on August 16th and 17th. (This will be held either live, or remotely, depending on safety recommendations at that time.)
    • 1 Zoom Hotline shift a week, during the school year, Mondays, 4:30-6:30 at PAT. 
    • Up to a half day twice a month to follow up on unresolved member needs from the Hotline shift (release time can be provided).
    • In addition to answering the hotline, this time may include ongoing training and other advocacy work with Uniserv Reps. Additional dates may be added depending on need.
    • This is a minimum 1-year opportunity and commitment, paid at the OEA cadre-rate ($33/hour)


    • Assist Building Representatives and members who come to Zoom Advocacy Hotline;
    • Respond to emails from members;
    • Be a knowledgeable resource about the PAT contract and PAT systems for supporting members in different situations;
    • Follow procedure to inform UniServ reps of issues, determining next steps;
    • Potential additional release time/ pay for ongoing training or representation work;
    • Potential to shadow UniServ Reps on assignment.


    • Active PAT membership;
    • Experience as a PAT building rep or other similar union experience preferred;
    • Interest in continued union advocacy work;
    • Special consideration given to applicants with an interest in pursuing work as a UniServ Consultant; 
    • Special consideration given to applicants with characteristics that help create a group that represents the racial diversity of our membership, and of the job-types that our members hold.

    Goals for PAT:

    • Build capacity among members to enforce our contract, support member rights, and organize and problem solve in buildings;
    • Develop leadership within PAT that represents the diversity of our membership demographics and workforce positions;
    • Create a pathway toward UniServ work for interested members.

    To apply

    Portland Association of Teachers

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    Donate to the PAT Sick Leave Bank

    Do you have unused sick leave hours? Please consider donating them to help support PAT members  facing serious health issues.

    Members may donate up to 40 hours of sick leave annually. Employees who have already submitted their notice of resignation are exempted from this maximum limit, and may contribute as many hours as they would like. 

    The PAT Sick Leave Bank (see PAT/PPS contract Article provides aid for colleagues who have exhausted their accumulated leave balances and are unable to work due to extended or recurring personal illness. With the help of the Sick Leave Bank, they are able to avoid the additional hardships of lost salary and lost insurance coverage during their illness. 

    You can donate hours using this online form, or go to our website for additional information.