Join LERC for the Racial Equity and Union Solidarity Series

March 31, 5:00–6:15 pm
Brown v Board of Education and the Backlash to Public Education

Gordon Lafer, Phd., LERC; Dr. Lorretta Johnson, Former AFT Secretary Treasurer; and Sherman Henry, LERC
Public interest in equitable education has been a lifetime challenge for public education. We will explore how Brown v. Board of Education has been undermined through various corporate privatization strategies like charter schools models. These charter schools models have drained funding away from taxpayers and have not produced promised outcomes from students. Sign-up here

Upcoming Webinars


April 7, 5:00–6:15 pm
Racism, Austerity, and the Public Good: The Anti-Racist Imperative for Public Sector Unions

Daniel Martinez HoSang, Associate Professor of Ethnicity, Race & Migration, Yale University
Decades of attacks on public goods and services and demands for austerity and ‘taxpayer rights’ have had an enduring impact, evident in public ambivalence towards raising taxes and revenues and funding vital public services. This talk and discussion will focus on the role of race and racism in legitimating such attacks, and highlight the challenge and opportunities for public sector unions to join with others in a broad vision of public reconstruction. Sign-up here

April 14, 5:00–6:15 pm
Reimagining Union Leadership in the 21-Century Labor Movement

David Alexander, faculty, North American Building Trades, Michigan State University
This session will address leadership style for building an inclusive space for enhancing critical thought and reimagining unionists' racial and gender solidarity in the 21-century labor movement with a group exercise. 
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Past Webinars

March 10, 5:00–6:15 pm
#AdultingWhileBlack in America: A Discussion About Identity and Black Survival

Sarah Kutten, Ed.D, University of Oregon 
What does it mean to #AdultWhileBlack, and what does this look like in historically white spaces? Together, we’ll look at new research findings and identify avenues to better support the success of Black folks in educational and workplace settings.

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March 24, 5:00–6:15 pm

Wildfire Rumors and Denial in the Trump Era

Laura Pulido, Collins Chair, Indigenous, Race, and Ethnic Studies & Geography, University of Oregon
In Fall 2020 the western U.S. experienced unprecedented wildfires in response to global warming and management practices. Numerous rural communities in Oregon disseminated false rumors that Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa were deliberately setting the fires and preparing to loot vulnerable communities.  We'll explore how deep racial and political anxieties fed these rumors. Sign-up here