Add Your Own Flair to Organizing and Make it Shine

Buttons! We’ve asked you to wear them, but I wanted to highlight some examples of creativity and collective solidarity we’ve seen as part of this campaign.

Mt. Tabor United

At Mt. Tabor, a special assembly was announced. No one knew what it was about, but staff knew media would be there. The building organizer made sure everyone was wearing their 2nd Year, No Contract buttons. 

It turns out the assembly was to announce our own Mathew Bacon-Brenes is Oregon’s 2018 Teacher of the Year.

Of course, we are so excited to have a PAT member represent us at the state and national level—but we are also excited that Mt. Tabor staff picked up on a natural organizing opportunity, drawing attention to our struggle to win a fair contract.

Franklin Opening—An Organizing Opportunity

During their grand opening event Franklin educators seized the moment, making sure they were all wearing buttons for evening activities with families, school board members, and so many other community members. Way to go Franklin! 

Principal for a Day was on Thursday, October 12th. I had the privilege of going to Scott School where everyone I met wore their buttons. Afterwards, I attended a debrief (where I wore my button with pride) and many participants noted that at their building, they also saw educators wearing their buttons. Bridlemile was mentioned as one school where the principal for a day thought everyone was buttoned up!

Thanks to you, our message is getting out to Portland parents, political leaders, and the public.

Markham Seizes the Moment

A key part of organizing is responding quickly when opportunities arise. Markham educators are expecting  visit from our Superintendent on a Monday. Their building organizer is rescheduling “Bluesday” to a Monday. Some of you might be asking, “Wait, what! You can do that?” 

Yes you can—especially if it’s your chance to get noticed for a special event. Go Markham!

Thanks for supporting your bargaining team. The Distict is taking note of all your efforts and the pressure is working.

Check out the video of our action at the last school board meeting on the PAT youtube channel.

Let's keep the pressure on!

In Solidarity,

Suzanne Cohen
PAT President