Addressing Hate Speech in PPS

There have been several incidents of hate speech in our schools this year, and the PAT Social Justice Committee wants to ensure these incidents are taken seriously and addressed appropriately by administration. We are trying to better understand the scope of the problem, and how these incidents are being addressed in our schools.

If incidents of hate speech have occurred at your school, please fill out this form and let us know what happened and how it was handled. 

The purpose of this survey is solely to compile information in order to understand the scope of the problem. If you have a situation that you feel is unsafe, or if you otherwise seek support, please contact your Building Rep or the PAT office. 

We may share the results with the District in order to strengthen protocols for responding to hate speech. If/when we do share information with the district, we will not share names or identifying information about individual teachers unless we have been given permission from the individual to do so.