Advocacy Committee Update: Reminders Sent to PPS Building Administrators

Based on information from members, the following reminders were sent to all PPS administrators by the District. We’ve included the language sent by the District in case your administrator needs to see it in writing. 


“This is a friendly reminder that the district and PAT have made the following agreement around observations in the distance learning setting:

When an administrator conducts a drop-in observation, the administrator shall either provide notice to the educator before the class begins or announce their presence to the educator when they enter the class. Any formal observation shall follow notice requirements and the prior meetings called for in the existing evaluation handbook.

When building administrators, district level support staff or district administrators are planning to join a class, please send a quick email to the teacher, and, if appropriate, announce your presence when you enter the “classroom”.  If there is a time sensitive need that prevents sending an email, please announce your presence.”


“We recognize the challenges building administrators face in trying to provide sufficient levels of support to some of your struggling students. It is important to remember that general education students cannot be scheduled into special education classes without a completed current eligibility, and consent to initiate SPED services signed by a parent. If you have questions or need clarification about this, please contact your SPED administrator.”