Getting Back On Track

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.  - Nelson Mandela

Welcome back to school!

After a summer filled with so much uncertainty and tragedy, in our district and across the country, we need to get back on track.  As educators we know there aren’t quick fixes to our societal ills, but done right, education is the foundation for a just and equitable society.

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Bargaining Update

As you start the 2016-17 school year, you are working under an expired contract.  State law requires that the District maintain most contract provisions during the “status quo period”.  Your bargaining team has continued to meet in interest-based sub-groups with the District over the summer. 

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Progress on School Safety and Climate

One of PAT’s standing committees is the Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) Committee.  All members are welcome to attend the monthly meetings and raise instructional/professional development issues.  The first meeting will be at the PAT office on Wednesday, September 14th starting at 4:30 pm.  A light dinner will be provided. 

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