President's Message: Stronger Together

We know there is power in numbers and that we’re stronger when we stand together. But with all the challenges we face, from our current bargain to the looming threats from the Supreme Court, we need to get concrete about what that means. 

I believe our union is only as strong as the number of members who we can inspire to take action. Now more than ever we need every member to step up and get involved.


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What's Up With My Paycheck

Because our contract is still not settled, we are starting our second year without any increase to the salary schedule. I know just how difficult this is. Both the District and PAT have proposals that include retroactive increases.

Because our contract is “status quo”, the salary schedule remains the same as last year. However, you do get step increases and credit advancement if you're eligible. Also, due to staffing cuts, we are not working the extra two days we agreed to last year. This means we aren't being paid for those extra two days and your paychecks will reflect this shorter school year on the September 29th paycheck. 

Salary Placement Problems

The past two years we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of members having problems with their placement on the salary schedule.  If you believe you should be on a different step or column on the salary schedule, please let us know by completing this form

Salary Placement for New Hires

Salary placement for new hires is based on prior work experience and educational credit, but will only be made after official verification.  Make sure your previous employer(s) and all relevant colleges/universities submit the required verification to PPS Human Resources.  Salary adjustments based on eligible education or experience credit will become effective in the payroll period in which approved. The adjustments will not be retroactive. However experience verified within sixty (60) days of the start of your employment will be retroactive to the first day of employment. Get an email, receipt, or some other written confirmation from PPS that it has received the verification.  Review Article 9 of the PAT/PPS contract to see what experience is eligible.

If you think PPS has put you on the wrong place on the Salary Schedule, fill out this form ASAP. 

Advancing On the Salary Schedule - October 31st Deadline

If you have earned enough credit to advance to another column on the salary schedule, our contract requires the District to pay you at this new level within twenty (20) days of the time you supplied the transcripts or other required verification to the District.  The salary advancements will not be retroactive. However credits verified by October 31st will be retroactive to the beginning of the school year. Check to make sure that PPS has received your verification and get an email, a receipt, or some other written confirmation from PPS that they have received the verification. 

Remembering PAT Leader Vangie Shaw

Vangie Shaw, a longtime educator and PAT activist, lost her battle with pancreatic cancer on Monday, August 21st. A service for Vangie will be held on Saturday, September 30th, at 9:30 AM in the gym at Concordia University (2811 NE Holman St, Portland 97211). In lieu of flowers, the Shaw family would like donations to be made in Vangie’s name to Black Lives Matter, the Black United Fund of Portland, or Chess for Success.

National Board Certification Workshop - October 5th

The PAT contract has a $1,500 annual stipend for National Board certified teachers.  We expect this to be increased to $2,500 when our next contract is finalized.  Come learn how you can become National Board certified.  Find out about opportunities at the state level to get reimbursed for certification fees and how to waive Oregon licensure fees.  Find out how OEA supports you with a four-day Jump Start Seminar so you start the process on the right foot. The workshop will be held Thursday October 5th, 5:00-6:00 PM at the PAT office. 

Free for OEA members. Register online at:

OEA Advocacy Conference - October 6th and 7th

Join classroom educators from around the state for the Oregon Education Association’s Advocacy Conference. Workshops include a broad range of issues, from how to build alliances with special education parents through the IEP process to how to get colleagues in your building involved in the union. OEA will cover travel and lodging costs for participating members. For more details, or to register, visit the OEA website.

My Experience Serving On the Governor's Council for Educator Advancement

Educators in the state of Oregon must know that I take great pride in the work I do at the district, state, and local levels, especially within my primary role as teacher. It must be noted that my passion in providing students and colleagues the best, and nothing but the best, remains at the forefront of my agenda. 

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