August 20 Email from PAT- re Building Access Prior to Start of School Year

Dear PAT Educator,

Today is the first day that educators can access their building to prepare for the school year, according to our contract.  We have heard from many educators who wish to enter their classrooms to prepare for the year and access materials.

Article 19.5 of the PAT/PPS Collective Bargaining Agreement states, “Professional educators shall have access to their worksites to unpack and organize their rooms as soon as possible but, at minimum, one (1) week prior to their first work day.”  If your administrator has not already announced a schedule to safely re-enter the building, contact your building administrator to schedule a time to re-enter the building.  

If your administrator refuses to admit you into the building, citing Covid procedures, please contact your Uniserv Representative at PAT.  While we want to remain sensitive to PPS’s attempts to implement Covid safe re-entry plans, we believe PPS has had sufficient time to design these re-entry plans, especially considering the deadline to re-enter the building is today. 

Portland Association of Teachers