Bargaining Brief 10/30/2023

Hello Educators,

Today your bargaining team held mediation with PPS at the Oregon Education Association (OEA) building. We were heartened by the kind words and support from OEA President Reed Scott-Schwalbach, OEA Vice President Enrique Farrera and OEA Executive Director Tracey Ann Nelson. 

We delivered an updated Special Education proposal that continues to advance much needed supports for educators and students. The last official proposals we have seen from management came last week, and were essentially a restatement of their previous proposal and a continued rejection of all our most critical improvements.  

We made clear that the only way to avoid a work stoppage is for management to put an offer on the table that includes a Cost of Living Adjustment equal to inflation, class size/caseload limits, adequate planning time, commitments to healthy and safe school environments, and wraparound services for students. We communicated this early in the day and as of 9pm, we have received nothing.

We asked the District Management team to bring decision makers (such as School Board members) to the bargaining table and were told no. Should management fail to engage with us early in the day tomorrow, the responsibility for the strike that occurs will fall squarely on management’s shoulders.

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In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Team

Steve Lancaster, Chair
Francisca Alvarez
Samara Bockelman
Julia Fogg
Thea Keith
Charity Powell

Ryan Olds, OEA Staff
Angela Bonilla, President