Bargaining Brief 11.15

Your bargaining team spent a large portion of the day reviewing the financials shared by the district bargaining team yesterday, while we waited for what we hoped would be a comprehensive settlement proposal. We received a package from district management at about 6:30 this evening. There were some small improvements from the last proposal we received, and a few articles are close to agreement. However, it is clear that at this moment, management is unwilling to put forward a comprehensive response that addresses all of our priorities. We remain far apart, particularly in the areas of COLA, class limits, and mental health support.

In regards to member concerns around the Middle School schedules: PAT has made no proposals to change the middle school schedules. Scheduling is a management right and responsibility. PAT’s proposals have simply asserted that our planning time demand can be achieved under any schedule the district currently operates. The district has continued to insist that the self-imposed requirement of weekly administrator-directed PLC meeting time is what prevents guaranteeing the weekly planning time in our proposal.

It is notable that management is, for the first time, responding to our proposal in regard to class size limits—an issue that district leadership seems to be philosophically opposed to. We will fully analyze the proposals we received this evening and be prepared to provide management with a comprehensive settlement package by no later than early afternoon tomorrow.

We want to thank all of YOU for the many messages of support we have received. We keenly feel the trust you have placed in us and we will hold the line at the table just as you are holding the line at your schools. We know we have justice on our side and we know our community supports us. One day longer, one day stronger!

In Solidarity,

Your Bargaining Team

Steve Lancaster | Chair Teacher, Social Studies
Francisca Alvarez | K-5 Bilingual Inst. Coach
Samara Bockelman | Middle School Counselor
Julia Fogg | K-5 Instructional Coach
Thea Keith Teacher | 8th Grade Science/Health
Charity Powell Teacher | K-8 Special Education

Ryan Olds, OEA Staff
Angela Bonilla, President