Bargaining Brief, November 15

The two bargaining teams just ended day one of the two-day mediation session, and your Bargaining Team would like to thank all of you who had time to email/tweet/call/Facebook the Superintendent regarding the importance of focusing completely on getting a deal.  Your efforts worked.  Not only did the Superintendent get the message, he even cancelled his plans to leave bargaining in the early afternoon.

When Superintendent Guerrero returned to bargaining, your PAT team was able to give a full presentation of the most updated PAT proposal.  That presentation took close to two full hours and left the District’s team with a number of issues to consider. 

The District’s team returned with a thoughtful conceptual counterproposal (and questions) to the PAT Article 5 (Workday, Work Year, Workload) proposal.  Although no final agreements were reached, both teams will meet face-to-face at 11 tomorrow, and we hope that we will be able to make tangible progress at that time.

As all of you know, we succeed through our collective effort, and all your messages today gave the District the push that they needed.  

Your Bargaining Team