PAT Bargaining Survey: Hybrid Model

PAT Educators,


In order to best represent all our members, we again need to hear from you. Please read the information below, and then take the short bargaining survey that was sent to your PPS email inbox around 2:35pm today.


The survey will close at 12:00pm next Wednesday, February 10. Only PAT members may take the survey. If you are not a member of PAT, but would like to join so you can take the bargaining survey, please respond to this email.


Last week, at the January 26th PPS School Board Meeting and in an email to PPS staff and families, the District announced its intention to begin Hybrid instruction for families that choose it. PPS informed everyone that it was beginning Hybrid instruction in April. At the end of our bargaining session on February 4th, the District announced their intention to pursue a “simulcast” version of hybrid instruction. (Please read the February 4th Bargaining Brief for more information.)


Hybrid Instruction is different than LIPI (Limited-in-Person-Instruction). In LIPI, students receive their general instruction through CDL, but may have the opportunity for additional in-person support. “Hybrid” instruction means students receive some of their general instruction in-person, but in smaller groups to accommodate for Covid-19 safety protocols. In most Hybrid models, students attend class in-person for half-days or for 2 days per week, and participate in distance learning the rest of the time. 


Simulcast Hybrid would mean that educators would hold in-person instruction for the portion of their students who have opted to attend in person, and simultaneously instruct the remainder of their students who have opted to remain in CDL online via a live video feed.


The District’s plan is still in the initial stages of development and there is much that we do not know about how their plan will be operationalized, so we ask to hear your thoughts based on the limited information that we DO have. 

Hybrid Instruction in PPS: What we know-

  • PPS has indicated a plan to begin in April using a “simulcast” model.
  • They indicated an intention to start with the youngest students at some schools, and to scale up to include all elementary school grades and potentially middle grades.
  • Students and families would be given a choice to remain in CDL (through simulcast) or to participate in Hybrid learning.
  • Schools would follow all of the required safety guidelines in the ODE RSSL, including 35 square feet per person and the requirement for most students to wear masks. However, the safety protocols listed as “recommended” may or may not be followed.
  • Educators in grade levels or programs that implement hybrid instruction would be required to teach in-person.
  • Our MOU proposals state that educators shall not teach CDL and Hybrid at the same time. This would require separate staffing of CDL and Hybrid.
  • PPS is required to bargain around our safety and working conditions.
  • PPS plans to survey families next week to find out how many students want to participate in a Hybrid learning model.

Hybrid Instruction in PPS: What we DON’T know-

  • How many families, and which families, would choose Hybrid over CDL.
  • How the District would accommodate educators who are unable to be vaccinated.
  • How the transition from CDL to Hybrid would occur.
  • Any of the details for how a simulcast hybrid would work in practice. 


Portland Association of Teachers