Bargaining Update

Your bargaining team continued its work over the summer and into the new school year.  However, many key discussions will be put on hold until after November 8th.  On that day, voters can decide to add significant new educational funding for K-12 schools by voting yes on Measure 97.  This would mean that the District would have financial resources to lower class sizes, reduce caseloads, improve safety, add instructional time, and restore the services to kids that have been eroded over 25 years of defunding Oregon schools.  We are also delaying discussions on compensation and benefits.  If Measure 97 fails, we expect renewed proposals for cuts to staffing and programs.

Please check with your building rep to make sure that you have received a “Bargaining Brief.”  This is your official PAT communication concerning bargaining.  Reps are collecting home emails from members. Starting with the next Bargaining Brief, we will send them out to everyone’s home email address.  Make sure we have your correct home email so that you do not miss this valuable information.