Bargaining Win: Requesting a Substitute to Provide Additional, Tailored Student Support

If you believe that one or more of your students would benefit from additional academic social/emotional support, please email your building administrator with a request for the support of a substitute educator. 

PAT and PPS have agreed to a proposal to assist students who face difficulties fully engaging in Comprehensive Distance Learning. The agreement gives PAT professional educators the ability to work with building administration to assign a fully trained and licensed substitute educator to work with particular students.  

This support will be provided virtually and is different from LIPI or credit recovery support. In considering requests for substitute educator support, the administrator will assess a student’s need for additional academic instruction or social/emotional support and for whom other resources have not been effective.

In requesting this assistance for your student, explain how it is tailored to the student’s specific needs and why already existing building resources are not adequate or have not proved effective. Examples of proposed assistance might be one-on-one sessions between the substitute and the student, or a substitute supporting multiple small groups of students with similar needs (similar to a “virtual LIPI”). 

Once the administrator approves an educator’s request, the administrator shall contact the Substitute Office to schedule a substitute educator. As this resource is being provided virtually, only substitute educators who are cleared to provide comprehensive distance learning will be used.