Be a PAT Leader: Run for Building Rep

It’s time to choose your PAT Building Representatives! Each spring we hold elections in every site to choose our Building Reps. It’s how we ensure that the Reps at each site are trusted, respected leaders. Please consider stepping up to take on this crucial role in your union.

Reps are the key to a democratic union. Reps communicate with their colleagues and with PAT leaders, advocate for members in each building, work with administrators to solve problems, and organize co-workers around important issues. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert in each of these roles. What’s more important is recruiting a full roster of Reps so you can share the load and work together as a team.

If you’re interested in being a Rep for your site, let your current Head Rep know. Each site should create a ballot and hold an election at a 10-minute meeting before the end of the year.

All active PAT members are eligible to run to be a Building Rep. Each site is entitled to one Rep for every nine members.

Learn more on our website, and don’t forget to report your results! Contact Elizabeth Thiel with any questions.