Help Build a Better Oregon

It's a sad fact that many big companies like Walmart, Comcast, and Bank of America only pay $150 a year in Oregon state taxes. We know when corporations aren’t paying their fair share, the rest of us get squeezed and our communities suffer.

This November we’ve got an opportunity to change things for our students and for our state.

Together with parents, community members, and other unions we’re promoting Ballot Measure 97 which will put up to 33% more money into our public schools. We’re calling it the Better Oregon campaign.

This measure will create a small tax on corporations that have $25 million or more in sales in Oregon. It only affects a handful of large companies, mostly from out of state, and the impact is enormous. State analysts estimate it would add $5 BILLION to the budget each biennium!

After decades of cuts, we can finally turn things around and start funding the Schools Portland Students Deserve.

Help us get out the vote and Pass Measure 97: Sign up to canvass or phone-bank with us!



Better Oregon Campaign Website

One-Page Flyer on the Better Oregon Campaign 

FAQ on Measure 97