Black Lives Matter at School

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What is Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action?

Black Lives Matter at Schools Week of Action began in Seattle, Washington at John Muir Elementary School in 2016. From there, educators in cities across the nation, began organizing a week to intentionally celebrate the lives of Black students, teachers and families. Cities including Seattle, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Portland, Oregon!  

Black Lives Matter at Schools Week of Action consists of educators teaching lessons about systemic and structural racism, intersectional Black identities and Black history.

2023 Events

Narrated by lifelong Portland musicians Calvin Walker and Norman Sylvester, this one-mile self-guided audio tour explores Albina's vibrant musical culture of the 1960s-1980s.
Isaka Shamsud-Din (born 1940) came to Portland via Texas when he was in the first grade. The sixth of 14 children, Shamsud-Din became aware of the many inequitable systems as a young black person navigating his world on a daily basis. However, Shamsud-Din has maintained his commitment to art, education, and work for the African American community and his home. In 2019, Shamsud-Din was recognized with Isaka Shamsud-Din Day, a Juneteenth celebration at Portland’s City Hall honoring his work as an artist and social justice leader.

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Black History Month Highlights by Khadija Jones at Sabin School




Bitmoji Black History Classrooms




BLM WEEKS OF ACTION 2021 Slides by Sitton School Educators



13 Guiding Principles for the Movement for Black Lives:

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Black Lives Matter at School Resources 2.0

NEA EdJustice Resource Page

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Teaching for Black Lives During the Rebellion
With Dyan Watson, Jesse Hagopian, Wayne Au, and Cierra Kaler-Jones
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Black Lives Matter at School: A Roundtable Discussion By Awo Okaikor Aryee-Price, Kyna Collins, Jesse Hagopian, Christopher R. Rogers, and Ari Bloomekatz
How One Elementary School Sparked a Citywide Movement to Make Black Students’ Lives Matter
By Wayne Au and Jesse Hagopian

Spreading Black Joy

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