Building a Better Oregon

Educators from around the state gathered in Salem on January 8 and 9 to plan the next steps for the Better Oregon campaign. PAT was represented by President Gwen Sullivan, Vice-President Suzanne Cohen, Internal Lead Organizer Mike Bauer and Zone Leaders Greg Burrill, Rebecca Levison, Matthew Oleson, andAubrey Pagenstecher, as well as Kathi Koenig from staff.
Six OEA members were recognized at the organizing summit for their outstanding work on the campaign, including all those who've collected 100 signatures or more. We're proud to report that three of the honorees were PAT members, Greg Burrill, Tom Kane, and Rick Oleksac. As an organization, PAT was also recognized for gathering the most signatures statewide, with over 3,100 submitted by the first week of January.
While we're proud to be leading the state in signature gathering, the summit reinforced PAT's sense of urgency to continue our signature gathering push since we are only a third of the way towards our collective goal of 10,000 signatures.
Special thanks to the 86 members who have gathered at least 10 signatures thus far, including:
Howard Adler; Erika Alabarca; Kawaji Armitage; Shannon Baker; Mike Bauer; Maranda Bish; Andrew Boehm; Rachel Bogdanoff; Kathryn Boyea; Greg Burrill; Matthew Campeau; Santha Cassell; Ellen Clarke; Diana Collins; Patricia Cooke; Leanne Cox; Meghan Delwisch; Margie Doern; Erika Durant; Gerald Eaton; Debbie Engelstad; Shannon Foxley; Ken Gadbow; Elena Garcia Velasco; Jeanne Grant; Rebecca Gregor; Jessica Griffith; Rachel Hanes; Terri Harrington; Ned Hascall; Joellen Holmes; Mary Houghton; Katharine Huizinga; Irene Ikada; Glen Jacobs; Katie Johnson; Chelyn Joseph; Tom Kane; Lisa Kane; Cecelia Kauth; Althea Keith; Carolyn Kurtz; Tina Lamanna; Renee Laney; Dominic Le Fave; Emily Lethlean; Karen Lettner; Rebecca Levison; Sheridan Long; Timothy Loveless; Kathrine Mann; Kevin Marguardt; Christopher Marquardt; Maya Mcgowan; Jeff Mcneal; Joyce Mcshane; Alain Millar; Kathy Moore; Hyung Nam; Micahel Nolan; Richard Paul Oleksak; Aubrey Pagenstecher; Margarett Peoples; Nathan Pier; Carol Pinegar; Evan Price; Jeffrey Ramsey; Noelle Richey; Betsy Salter; Doug Saulter; Carl Schnoor; Christina Self; Andrea Shatz; Kelly Sorg; Nancy Sullivan; Eric Swehla; Nicole Tews; Elizabeth Thiel; Amy Sue Tilt; Candice Rae Vickers; Alice Weinstein; Casey Whisler; Huck Wilken; Kathryn Wolff; Cynthia Wood; Emily Wright.