Building Access Prior to the Start of the School Year

Our contract guarantees members access to the worksite at least one week prior to the start of the school year. Unfortunately, many administrators refused to let educators into their classrooms or offices, so PAT is filing an “Association Grievance” on behalf of PAT members who were denied access between August 20th and August 27th.

If you were denied access to your building by your administration (via email or text or phone call)  during this period, we need your help documenting the extra work this created for you!  First, make sure you a copy of the email/text where you were denied access. Second, please keep a record of the time you have to spend after work this week doing things that you would have done last week if you had been able to get into your building. 

We will send out a google form the week of September 3rd where you can share your records. We will use that information to formulate our remedy when we file the association grievance.