Building and Classroom Moves

If you are required to move to a new building as the result of school reconfigurations, construction, or other District-initiated changes, check our new contract Article 16 regarding your right to payment for time spent packing and unpacking your personal belongings.  We now also have specific contract language to cover “extraordinary moves” – those situations in which an educator may be asked to sort and pack materials and equipment beyond the typical classroom situation, such as the theater, library, or science labs.  The contract language provides a specific procedure for agreement between the educator and administrator on the amount of extra time to be paid. 

Is your building administrator requiring you to move your classroom within the building for the second year in a row?  You are now entitled to payment for packing/unpacking in that situation.   

Review the contract language for the specific amount of time to which you may be entitled, how you should document your hours, and other rights regarding moves.