Building and Classroom Moves, Article 19

Article 19 provides compensation for packing and unpacking if your move is due to a district reconfiguration or change. Within your building, you are entitled to payment if your administrator directs you to move classrooms after the school year has begun or for the second year in a row.

If your move is the result of typical Spring un-assignments because of a reduction in positions in your building, or the result of your voluntary decision to apply for a transfer, payment is not required.  

In the case of an extraordinary move like packing up a library, band room, theater, or laboratory,  if you agree to pack up this kind of room, prior to commencing the work, speak with your administrator about the estimated number of additional hours needed to pack up this type of room. Try to come to an agreement on the number of hours it will take to pack up this room.  If you are unable to come to an agreement, then please call PAT so we can help resolve this dispute. 

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