Building Rep Election Process

Our building elections are how we ensure that Reps at each site are trusted, respected leaders. Normally each spring, we ask Building Reps to hold a Rep Election at their site so that members can democratically elect their representatives. 

Typically, this is done live with a paper ballot, so that votes are both secure and confidential. Without live staff meetings, we are working on developing a system to allow Reps to run a secure and confidential vote at each site, but we haven’t yet worked out the kinks. Please stay tuned for more information about Rep Elections. 

In the meantime, we are asking elected reps to remain in their position, and talk to people about running to be a Rep.

  • Notify all the members at your site that Rep Elections will be coming up, and that all members are eligible to run.
  • Think about who is trusted and respected in your building. Talk to them about running!
  • Think about representation. Does your Rep team ballot include a balance of experiences that mirrors the members at your site? Consider grade level, subject, gender, race, and age.
  • You get to elect 1 Rep for every 9 members, so aim to get at least that many people to run.

To run to be a Rep for your site, let your current Head Rep know you are interested. For more information, including the Building Rep Job description, go to For additional questions, contact our Vice-President elect, Gwen Sullivan ([email protected]).