Committee Updates: Instruction & Professional Development (IPD) Committee

Every month the PAT Instruction and Professional Development (IPD) Committee chairs and PAT leadership bring issues and questions from teachers to PPS leadership in order to have collaborative discussions and address issues before they become bigger problems. 

Agenda items from October are below. More detailed information about each topic can be found here:

  • Instructional rounds and learning walks. We were assured that these are non-evaluative and not tied to any teacher. If you are experiencing pseudo-evaluative situations around this, let us know! 
  • Cadres including flexibility around working from home.
  • Another request for full TNTP and NTP reports that were used to inform the direction of the Office of Teaching and learning. 
  • Staffing for ESL
  • Peer Mentoring for Educators of Color
  • Math Whole Grade Acceleration
  • SPED Staffing
  • Report Card Check-in
  • New adoptions and academic freedom
  • Movement break mandates for K-5 classroom teachers