Compensation Review: Deadline June 1st

On Monday, April 16th, you should have received an email from to your PPS account from “PAT Salary Review”. If you think you might at all qualify, please fill out the link.

You do not need to email the PAT office to let us know or ask us if you should fill out the form, just go for it!

It’s also important to be aware that sending the info to PAT does not fulfill the requirement to submit your request for salary placement review to the District.

Here is the content of the email:

“With the recent settlement of the 2016-2019 PPS & PAT collective bargaining agreement, several questions and issues regarding employee compensation have arisen and need to be reviewed.

The District and PAT have identified five areas where there are conflicting or potentially erroneous applications of the collective bargaining agreement. 

Human Resources will be undertaking a review as requested by individual employees.

The categories where employees may request a review are:

  1. Incorrect denial of tuition reimbursement
  2. Not crediting educators with prior work experience under Article 9, Section B2
  3. Lack of stipend for National Board or PhD
  4. Incorrect denial of credits toward salary advancement (“plus hours”)
  5. Final salary placement does not match PPS written salary offer (excluding offers which were adjusted because official documentation did not verify the claimed experience or credits)

If you believe that there was a contractual error in one of these five areas, please notify Human Resources via this Google form. No documentation should be submitted until you receive a request from HR.

Successful claims will be eligible for retroactive adjustment, but only to the beginning of this contract: July 1, 2016.

The deadline for submitting your claim for review is Friday, June 1, 2018. No claims submitted after this deadline will be reviewed for retroactive adjustment. Otherwise, your right to placement is subject to the provisions in Article 9, Compensation.”