Concerns with the Guaranteed Viable Curriculum

We have heard many concerns from members about the GVC (Guaranteed Viable Curriculum) that the District is rolling out this year. The GVC includes scope and sequence, priority standards, curriculum maps, and assessments, for Math, Science, Language Arts, and Health, K-12. We have a lot of questions about the GVC, including workload, lack of PD, the timing of this and other new initiatives, and concerns about instructional practice.

In terms of workload, know that you should not be mandated to take on any new initiative without being offered professional development and adequate time to make it successful. If your administrator has not directed you to follow the GVC, consider it a resource available for your use. If you are directed to follow the GVC, ask for clarification around which elements, and ask when you will be given time to explore the materials, plan units, gather materials, and create lesson plans relevant to your own students. Additionally, know that you should not be evaluated based on an initiative for which you have not received adequate PD. We will be addressing the GVC in our monthly Contract Administration meeting with the District this month.

If you have received any directives related to GVC, please forward them to [email protected] so we can better understand what educators across the District are being told to do.

We are also working on concerns about the impact of the GVC on relevant, quality instruction and academic freedom. We brought concerns to district leaders at IPC (Instructional Program Council) last week, and found that there is a great need to bring teacher voices forward to decision-makers. To that end, we are inviting members to share their experiences and concerns about the GVC at our next IPD (Instruction and Professional Development) Committee Meeting, September 26th, 4:30-6:30 PM at PAT. At the IPD meeting, we will gather information, questions, and concerns, and make a plan to move forward. If you can come, please RSVP to [email protected].