Congratulations to Newly Elected PAT Leaders

Dear PAT Colleagues,

The ballots have been cast and counted. We are pleased to congratulate the individuals who have been elected to represent PAT members in various positions.

The new members of your PAT Executive Board, serving a two-year term beginning July 1, 2021, are:

  • Angela Bonilla, Instructional Specialist, Scott Elementary School
  • Tina Lamanna, 2nd Grade Teacher, Markham Elementary School
  • Beyoung Yu, ESL Teacher, Rosa Parks Elementary School
  • Shannon Foxley, Counselor, da Vinci Arts Middle School

These members are elected as your delegates to the July 2-6, 2021 National Education Association (NEA) Representative Assembly:

+  Greg Burrill

+  Shannon Foxley

+  Elizabeth Mayer

+  Joanne Shepard

+  Jacob Jonas-Closs

+  Vincent Chirimwami

+  Joe Rowe

+  David Scholten

+  Sirenna Palici

These members will join the group of previously-elected delegates to serve as PAT delegates to the spring 2021, 2022, and 2023 Oregon Education Association (OEA) Representative Assemblies:

+  Sara Daley

+  Greg Burrill

+  Ailien S. Tran

+  Elizabeth Mayer

+  Shannon Foxley

+  Diana Collins

+  Paula Dennis

+  Tina Lamanna

+  Sarah Clark

+  Mary Watkins

+  Carolyn Blum

+  Andre Alberti

+  Kate Chapman

+  Adama Goudiaby

+  Brenda Bokenyi

+  Barbara Macon

+  Elin Kordahl

+  Morgan Whitney

+  Myndie Good

+  Meghan Delwisch

+  Liz Mick

+  Bryan Fitzwater

+  Krista Ravengael

+  Patrick Stoudt

+  Jennifer Joyalle

+  Anna York

+  Margaret Walker-Byrne


Write-in candidates with two or more votes for NEA RA Delegate and OEA RA Delegate will be contacted by PAT in March. Please contact Nominations & Elections Committee Chair Ailien Tran if you have any questions ([email protected]).

Thank you to all PAT members who participated in our democratic process by running for office and/or casting a vote in this election!