Contract Exceptions- Regular, and Unofficial for Terms of the MOA This Spring

What is a Contract Exception?

A Contract Exception is a process that allows a worksite to apply for an exception to the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA). While creating exceptions to our contract language is not encouraged, we recognize that specific worksites may have a specific need for a given year. Find the PAT Contract Exception form here.

Two Types of Contract Exceptions

This year, there are two types of Contract Exceptions:

    1. Regular Contract Exceptions

Regular Contract exceptions for NEXT YEAR  (assuming we are not in some form of Hybrid instruction at that time) should follow the entire process explained by the Contract Exception form. The deadline is May 7, 2021.

   2. Unofficial Exceptions for Terms of the MOA this Spring

These only apply to the MOA ON RETURN TO IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION. You can view the agreement here

Under usual circumstances, Contract Exceptions must be approved by the PAT Advocacy Committee and the District prior to implementation. During Hybrid Instruction, we will not be able to formally approve Contract Exceptions during this 8-week period. However, if there is agreement among PAT members at your building about a specific need during Hybrid instruction this year, and the idea is supported by the principal, you may, under limited circumstances, make some exceptions. 

For Unofficial Exceptions during this time, continue to follow the process laid out in the Contract Exception form. The only change is that the Advocacy Committee will NOT be able to meet and approve Exceptions. Make sure that your members and your principal recognize that this type of agreement is only possible during Hybrid instruction in the 2020/2021 school year. Please contact your UniServ Consultant with any questions.