Contract Ratification Process

Last week, the PAT and PPS Bargaining Teams reached a Tentative Agreement on a one-year extension of our contract. The option to extend was written into the 2016–2019 contract, which we settled last year.

To go into effect, this Tentative Agreement must be ratified by the PAT Membership. Members can get their questions answered and find out more information throughout our ratification process:

  • On Friday, March 1st, our Executive Board reviewed the Tentative Agreement (TA) and made a recommendation to the membership to pass this extension;
  • On Wednesday, March 6th, during the regularly scheduled Representative Assembly, your work-site rep will review the TA, hear from the Bargaining Team, and have a chance to ask questions;
  • On Tuesday, March 12th, or sooner, your Rep will host a PAT meeting in your building to go over the TA;
  • On Tuesday, March 12th, voting will open at 2:30 PM. Voting will be done electronically, through your PPS email. Only dues-paying PAT members may vote on the contract.
  • On Friday, March 15th, PAT will host an informational session on the Tentative Agreement at the PAT office. This is open to all PAT members, especially anyone who missed their work-site meeting, or has additional questions. There will be a presentation from 4:30 – 5:00 PM, with a question and answer period after.
  • On Monday, March 18th, voting will close at 5:00 PM.

After our ratification process, the School Board will vote on the Agreement.