Correction: Evaluations Due by May 28th

Last Advocate, we reminded everyone that evaluations for contract educators were due in HR by May 1st. We are sorry to say that we were wrong.

In the midst of all the negotiations this year, PPS asked us if we would agree to extend the contract teacher evaluation deadline to May 28th. The reason PPS requested the change was that many principals were having a difficult time finding ways to meet the timelines under CDL conditions, and that everyone would find that the extension would make the process less stressful. At that time, in early March, we said “yes” to the request. 

When we said “yes,” we stated that our one “condition is that for the remainder of the year the District continue to use the CDL eval tool.” The District agreed.

This year, the contract educator evaluations are due on May 28th. All educators will be evaluated using the CDL evaluation tool, even though we have moved to Hybrid education.