Documenting Workload Overload for Class-size, Caseload, or Number of Unique Course Preparations

For the first time, our contract has language that defines limits to class-size, teaching load, caseload, and number of unique course preparations. Article 8 in the 2016-2019 PAT Agreement:

  • defines “thresholds” for teaching loads and caseloads and requires overload pay for educators who exceed the thresholds;
  • requires overload pay for departmentalized 6-8, middle school, and high school full-time educators with more than three unique course preparations. (Article 8 of the 2016-19 agreement).

We were able to negotiate this new language because PPS and PAT agree that an educator’s workload directly impacts a student’s learning. The intent was to reduce our workload, not for large numbers of educators to receive overload pay. However, holding the District accountable to paying overload pay this year is crucial towards holding them accountable to real workload reductions in the future.

Any overload pay for first semester will be based on workload on the third Monday of October (October 15th). We will repeat this process second semester.

While the District will have a method for documenting who is due overload pay, we want to generate our own list to make sure educators entitled to overload pay will receive it. PAT Building Reps will be documenting all eligible workload overload at their building, using our 1:10 organizing structure.

If you have a workload overload (as defined by Article 8) here is how to make sure your overload is documented:

  • Before October 15th, work with your PAT Building Rep to fill out the “October Overload Documentation” electronic form. (Reps in each building are planning how and when to fill this out with each member at your site.)
  • On October 15th, gather proof of your class sizes / caseloads, and / or their number of unique preps, by printing or taking a screen-shot of this information from Synergy. (For example, print the class lists for each class, or the schedule which shows the courses assigned.) Keep this evidence as proof in case it becomes necessary

If you do not have access to Building Reps, or if you need additional assistance filling out the form, you may come to the PAT office on October 4th or October 8th, between 3:30 and 6:00 PM, for assistance.