Dues and PAT PAC Deductions in the October Paycheck

We experienced a few glitches in September deductions.  We have hopefully resolved the problem in the upcoming October check.  Here’s what will happen:

  • For members who had no dues deducted in September but should have: The annual dues amount will be divided into 11 months instead of 12 and will start with this October check.
  • For members who had dues deducted at the 2017-18 dues rate instead of the 2018-19 rate: To make up the difference of what was charged last month versus what should have been charged, an extra nine cents (.09) will be added to each of the remaining 11 months, starting with the October check.
  • For PAT PAC contributors who did not have their voluntarily pledged amount deducted in September:  You will have two (2) deductions made in the October check.  After October, the regular 1-month pledge amount will be deducted.