Evaluation Update

As a reminder, PAT and PPS HR agreed to push back the deadline for goal-setting to November 15th. The rest of the evaluation timeline remains unchanged. 

Early in October the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) announced new flexibility for Oregon’s educator evaluations for the 2021-22 school year. Oregon has temporarily modified the Oregon Framework for Teacher and Administrator Evaluation and Support Systems to allow districts to suspend the regular summative evaluation cycle for contract teachers because of COVID-19 related impacts. Many district leaders and educators across the state have asked for this flexibility knowing that quality evaluations that support educator growth take time and intention, something in short supply this year.

And because we know that PAT members share these concerns, we will be advocating to PPS that evaluations for Contract Educators be pushed back one year as a way to relieve workload for PAT members and for administrators. We will keep everyone updated as the issue progresses.