Getting Organized for Contract Negotiations

As we prepare to start negotiations over a new PAT contract, it is vital that every PAT member knows how we are developing our capacities and structures to organize members to demonstrate our solidarity. It is through organizing and action-- both internally with members and externally with parents, labor, and community allies-- that we build our power and win a just contract that moves us towards the schools our students deserve. 

Get a PAT Shirt from your Organizer

PAT Blue emblazoned with the words It’s Time for the Schools Our Students Deserve are currently being distributed by your building organizers. Please make sure you complete the t-shirt order form that they circulated and keep an eye out for a communication from your organizer on when and where you can pick your t-shirt. 

Use your 1:10 Organizing Structure

When things are happening fast, we use our organizing structure to quickly relay messages or have conversations directly with every member in our buildings. Here’s how it works:

The Head Internal Organizer, Erika Schneider, communicates with Zone Organizers.

The Zone Organizers call the Building Organizers in their Zone.

The Building Organizers communicate with the 1:10 Organizers.

The 1:10 Organizers each talk to up to 10 members at their site.

To make this system work, we need enough 1:10 Organizers at every site, to make sure your Building Organizer has a team to help get the word out to everyone. Please respond to your Building Organizer when they contact you. It is important we get your input.

What if my building doesn’t have an organizer? 

If you aren’t sure if your building has an organizer, please consider stepping up to take on the role during this important time with bargaining. We need a strong organizing structure in every school, and we can only achieve that when people take on leadership roles within their building. And if your Building Organizer could use another teammate, please consider stepping up as a 1:10 Organizer during this crucial time.

Contact Erika Schneider ([email protected]) or Peter Brogan ([email protected]) to find out more about being a Building Organizer at your site. 

Meet your Zone Organizers

A big thanks to these PAT members who are the lead organizers for these Zones:

Erika Schneider (Llewellyn Elementary School) -- Head Internal Organizer

Mike Bauer (Cleveland High School) --- Internal Organizer Lead

Beyoung Yu (Rosa Parks Elementary) -- Zone 1 

Jeff Grier (Woodlawn Elementary/SLP) -- Zone 2

Joyce McShane (ACCESS @ Vestal) --Zone 3

TBA--Zone 4

Shannon Foxley (da Vinci Middle School) -- Zone 5

Maggie Raczek (Lincoln High School) -- Zone 6

Ami Fox (Cleveland High School) -- Zone 7

Tina Lamanna (Markham Elementary) -- Zone 8

Julie Whitaker (Bridlemile Elementary) -- Zone 9

Each Zone Organizer is responsible for supporting and communicating with the Building Organizers in approximately ten buildings in their assigned zone.