Global Climate Strike: September 20th

You may have heard about the Global Climate Strike scheduled for Friday, September 20th. In Portland, a rally at City Hall at 10:30 AM, and a march across the Hawthorne Bridge will lead to a Climate Mobilization Festival on the Eastbank Esplanade near OMSI that will include workshops, trainings, and opportunities to connect with community organizations working for climate justice.

In 2019, millions of youth around the world have participated in the now historic “Fridays for Future” student climate strike movement. Last March, Portland students joined the first coordinated global student climate strike, drawing support from leaders that ranged from Portland’s City Council to Oregon’s Governor.

September 20th is a day when PPS students can stand in solidarity with global youth and see themselves as activists and leaders for the planet, channeling anger and fear into hope and action. As the PPS Board of Education Resolution #5272 states, “All Portland Public Schools students should develop confidence and passion when it comes to making a positive difference in society, and come to see themselves as activists and leaders for social and environmental justice.”

Here is a list of resources to use with your students:

Thanks for your important work.

In solidarity with our youth climate leaders!