HOT TIP: Check Your Pay Stubs!

We have received emails from multiple educators who have not seen their Extended Responsibility on their paychecks. Please review your pay stub.

  • If you are a Site Tech Liaison (STL), please remember this is NOT an Extended Responsibility under our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Please track all the hours you spend doing STL work. Call me old fashioned, but I think all your labor should be paid. If they will only pay you extended hours, you only do STL work outside of the workday.
  • Folks have also wondered about the Bilingual and DLI stipend. Those will be paid in October or November once the district gets their sh--... updated list of employees together.
  • For those who attend the NON WORK DAY training on October 14th, we have been informed by Payroll that you will be paid for that day in your November paycheck. Because it is on the last day of the pay period, PPS said they won’t be able to complete the payroll in time for the October paycheck. I TOTALLY understand not wanting to work outside of your work hours to get your job done 😑.