Information about Vaccines in your PPS Email

Dear Educator, 

We want to make sure you know how to get the information you need about vaccines. PAT has not had a role in planning the vaccine timeline or rollout, and the information we have is the same as what has been shared with you.

You should have received two emails in your PPS account today regarding vaccines. Please read them carefully and follow the instructions. 

We know that many of us have questions and concerns about the order in which Oregon is allowing people to get vaccines, and have questions about why educators have been prioritized before the elderly, communities of color, people with pre-existing conditions, and essential workers who have been working in-person all along. The decision about this order was made by Governor Brown, and has not been open to discussion or revision. 

Please know that refusing to get vaccinated during this phase will NOT help to get the vaccine to others faster, and may actually slow down the process for others. We encourage you to follow the instructions provided by OHA and PPS to get your vaccine during the appropriate “wave.” 

The first “wave” to have access to vaccination includes our PPS custodians, nutrition workers, bus drivers, and community partners who have already been working in-person, in addition to educators who are providing LIPI, and early-childhood educators. The PPS email from this morning has more information about upcoming waves.

How to get answers to your questions: 


Portland Association of Teachers