Information for Parent Conferences

Download the Conferences Guidelines Flyer

Below are some general guidelines for parent conferences:

  1. Wear your PAT buttons and shirts – it’s your right.
  2. Conferences are “on the clock” so discussing union business is governed by the same standards as during the regular workday.
  3. If someone asks you about the bargain, give a polite, but brief, reply and get back to the conference.
  4. Let parents know that you would be happy to talk after contract hours about our negotiations.
  5. When talking with parents, personal experiences and stories are the most powerful, so try and give examples that illustrate PAT’s key bargaining themes (listed below).

 We Are STILL Fighting for the Schools Portland Students Deserve!

Our students deserve a Better Day Before a Longer Year, including:

★  Smaller classes, so there is Time for Educators to Get to Know Students and Their Families.

★  Support for Students Who Need it the Most, including special education services, access to specialists, and more.

★  Safer Schools for Students and Staff, from clean drinking water to programs supporting a healthy school climate.

★  Competitive Compensation to Attract and Retain Great Teachers, since starting salaries are among the lowest in the Metro area.

We Are Asking Parents and Community Members To Contact the Superintendent and Demand a Fair Settlement! They can find more information on the PAT Website: