IPD Committee Updates: New K-5 Report Card and Distance Learning Survey

Everything is on track for our new, streamlined K - 5 report cards to be ready in Synergy by January 15 (2 weeks before the end of Q2)!

Enormous thanks to our K - 5 Report Card Committee members Christopher Naze, Martha Gross, Marlena Maestas, and Elizabeth Israel-Davis for their unswerving dedication and hours of work over the past year to accomplish this for our families and students! Thanks also to our Executive Board Liaisons, both past and present, Huck Wilken and Rachel Hanes.

Comprehensive Distance Learning Survey

We are continuing to conduct our IPD CDL survey in order to track PAT members’ experience with CDL and see what is improving and what is not.

Here is a Google slide deck with a comparison of September and October data. This slide deck was presented to the Deputy Superintendent and Department heads at the October IPC meeting.

After some feedback and consulting with one of our own PPS high school statistics teachers, we may be making modifications to parts of the survey and how it is distributed. This could help us get a more statistically valid response pool. 

The next IPD Committee meeting will be Wednesday, December 2nd 4:30 - 6:30. Known agenda items as of right now are:

  • Promising Practice Grants
  • CDL Survey

Please join us if you’d like to join in the work we’re doing (RSVP here). If you have something you’d like to discuss and potentially add to our agenda, please email [email protected]. Thanks!