Know Your Contract

  • Notice of Resignation or Retirement
  • Unpaid Leaves of Absence
  • Questions About Dental Coverage?
  • Handling Building Maintenance Issues
Reminder: Notice of Resignation or Retirement
If you know you are not going to work in the District next year, whether due to resignation or retirement, there is an incentive to give notice to your supervisor early.  Written notice given no later than February 15th entitles you to a payment of $1250, thanks to our contract.  Notice given no later than March 15th entitles you to receive $700.  The payments will be made in the educator's final paycheck. 
Unpaid Leaves of Absence
Requests for a Personal, Exchange or Career Development leave of absence for the next school year, whether part-time or full-time, must be submitted to Human Resources prior to April 15th, or the leave will not be approved (except in extenuating circumstances). 

Questions About Dental Coverage?
We recently moved to Regence to pay dental bills for our dental plan. The plan itself, however, has not changed, particularly when it comes to the fee schedule for dentists who are in-network versus out-of-network. With the new dental bill-payer, a member shouldn't pay any more to see their current dentist than they did under the old system. In fact, members may pay less because the Regence network has reduced costs for most dentists in their network. If you have been told you will need to pay more to stay with your current out-of-network dentist, or you're experiencing any other unanticipated changes, please contact our new third party administrator, Northwest Administrators.

Handling Building Maintenance Issues
Whether it's a leaky roof or lack of heat, here are the steps you should follow to address maintenance issues in your building.
  1. Please immediately notify the school's head custodian and the building administrator. It is the custodian's responsibility to notify the District's Maintenance Department regarding the problem. In some cases, the custodian can provide the Department with information in order to quickly remedy the situation.
  2. If it's a heat issue, the District has a small supply of space heaters. If your room is without heat and a space heater is available, the custodian can request a space heateruntil the District Maintenance Department can fix the issue.* 
  3. If following this District protocol does not produce results, do not hesitate to call Maintenance Services at (503) 916-3303. The contact there is Andy Fridley.
If there are no results after following steps 1 through 3, then call the PAT office at (503) 233-5018. Give them information on the steps that have been taken so far, and with whom you spoke.

* Note that on regular school days, classrooms and offices should be maintained between 68 and 74 degrees, with gymnasiums and shops between 62-68 degrees. On planning days, the temperatures should be between 65 and 70 degrees.

Health and Safety
For questions on environmental health, occupational safety, emergency preparedness, pest management and hazardous materials:
  1. Call PPS (503) 916-3409
  2. If there are no results, then call the PAT office (503) 233-5018. Give them information on the steps that have been taken so far, and with whom you spoke.