Legislative Round Table on Funding

As part of our campaign to fully fund our schools, the PAT Legislative Committee is hosting a Round Table discussion with our elected lawmakers, on Thursday, January 10. We know our local elected leaders have already promised to fight for full funding of the Quality Education Model (QEM), the Oregon Legislature’s own model for what it would mean to fund a basic level of quality public education. But we also know the legislature has NEVER met the QEM standards, and we’re now billions of dollars short.

Our lawmakers need to understand our urgency and hear directly from educators. Educators will be sharing their own stories about class size, salary, and disrupted learning, in an effort to push our Senators and Representatives find a funding solution this legislative session.

To get involved with PAT’s Legislative Committee, join us for our January meeting, Thursday, January 24th, 4:30-6:30 PM at the PAT office.