MAP Testing Answers

There have been many questions and some confusion regarding MAP testing. In our efforts to clarify some issues, we asked PPS Chief of Schools, Shawn Bird, to answer some questions. Below are his responses. But we would also like to remind teachers that any time you spend administering MAP testing is considered “administrator-directed time.” It should not come out of your 950 minutes per week of “educator-directed time.”

Which students are to take the test and what is the testing window?

  • For 3rd-8th grade educators, the MAP’s testing window is February 1st to February 26th. 

How long should students spend taking the test?

  • Students participating in MAPs testing should not take longer than one hour for each test (Math and ELA). 

What  happens if students take longer than the one hour allotted?

  • If the student’s parent would like their child to spend longer than an hour on the test, they can access a substitute teacher by informing their principal that they would like their child to have more time to finish the assessment and the school will arrange for the sub to proctor the assessment.

  Do students have to take the test?

  • Parents may choose to not have their child participate in taking the test. The District has sent parents specific information that states this.

What does a parent need to do if they choose to not have their child take the test?

  • If parents choose to not have their child participate they can do this by notifying the child's teacher or principal (there is no opt out form required).